Arsenal in focus: Why Spurs need to move on from their loss to Newcastle

The upcoming North London derby could go a long way in determining Tottenham's fate.
Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League / Stu Forster/GettyImages

Tottenham have one of their toughest fixtures of the season this weekend, and despite the fresh memory of their 4-0 loss to Newcastle two weeks ago, it's all they should be focusing on.

This season, Spurs have fought against the tide of player injuries, new management, tough opponents, and international player duties to work their way towards potential Champions League qualification.

The North London club's most recent action in the Premier League was notably very poor, with a blowout against Newcastle cementing the team's standing to fifth in the table, pushing them out of the top-four unless they can win their next two games (Sky Sports).

Despite this, as well as the fact that any team can learn more about themselves by facing adversity, all that matters is what lies ahed.

Now, the opponents who stand in their way may prove tougher than ever, and the club will simply have to bring their best.

Speaking with the press, Ange Postecoglou addressed the media and fanbase's reminiscence on the recent blunder against Newcastle (Football.London).

"The Newcastle game was really disappointing for us on a number of levels... The players have learned a lot out of it, but irrespective of that it doesn't matter what you’ve done the previous game," the manager firmly stated.

Surely, no one would argue that it isn't important for a team to learn from their struggles, but given that Ange and co. have had two weeks to reflect, there's nothing on their mind other than the game sitting softly on the weekend's horizon.

"When you’re playing such a big game - a derby - especially at this time of year when like I said there’s great meaning to the points for both clubs, then what's happened previously, whether that's the immediate past or further back, becomes irrelevant," Ange continued.

Spoken like a true professional, Ange will look to bring his expertise to the weekend's fixture, where fans will hope for a positive result as Tottenham kick off their final run of games.