The 10 greatest bargain Tottenham transfers of all-time

As Tottenham look forward to the 2024 summer transfer window, here are the 10 greatest bargain Tottenham transfers of all-time...
Tottenham Hotspur FC v Newcastle United FC
Tottenham Hotspur FC v Newcastle United FC / Robert Cianflone/GettyImages
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3. Gareth Bale (£5m)

Gareth Bale was a promising youngster when Tottenham Hotspur first signed him. However, he made a name for himself in a Tottenham shirt, proving himself to be one of the best players in the world at White Hart Lane.

In 2007, Tottenham Hotspur paid a £5m fee to Southampton, with the potential for bonuses later on. This initial £5m investment is one of Tottenham's greatest of all-time and he certainly proved value for money. In six years, he became one of Tottenham's greatest players ever, solidifying his status as a club legend before joining Real Madrid.

4. Kyle Walker (£4m)

A player who signed for Tottenham two years after they signed Gareth Bale, Kyle Walker acclimated himself in North London and made a real name for himself. Spending eight years in the first team, he developed into one of the best full-backs in the world and he has now proven this at Man City. For just £4m, Tottenham can have no complaints about the eight years of world-class service.

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