Munich playing an infuriating, pointless game as second bid for Kane expected

According to the Mail Sport, Bayern Munich is expected to make another embarrassing lowball bid for Tottenham’s Harry Kane, this time in the £70 million range.

The first bid, made less than two weeks ago, was for €70 million, just under £60 million. That offer from Munich was tantamount to a slap across Daniel Levy’s ashen face.

While he deserves an occasional open-hand slap, the chairman hasn’t done nothing wrong where Bayern is concerned.

The follow-up bid, probably forthcoming this week, isn’t expected to be much better. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Levy receives it, expected to be about £10 million more than the first.

Hopefully, the Mail Sport’s Rob Draper is way off the mark because while the first bid was embarrassing, the second will be insulting if he’s right.

Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is reportedly intricately involved in negotiations. It’s inconceivable for him to think Levy will acquiesce, especially on a bid expected to be about £30 million below the asking price.

While Bayern Munich is not renowned for making massive-money transfers, there is a precedent set, when the German champions opened their chequebook to secure elite talent.

They paid €67 million for Matthijs de Ligt last season and €80 million for Lucas Hernandez in 2019-20. Kane will cost at least €20 million more than Hernandez, the club’s record signing. But let’s get real.

A tale-of-the-tape comparison between Kane and Hernandez is as humiliating for the latter as Munich’s opening bid.

But maybe Rummenigge’s ostensible courting of Kane is more for show. Thomas Tuchel recently met Kane at his London home, convincing Spurs’ talisman of the appeal to move to Bavaria.

It was another over-the-top show of intent, another chess move to impress England’s all-time goalscoring leader.

Munich’s garish advances could be designed to leave a lasting impression on Kane, hoping he chooses them when he has the pick of the litter at the end of next season.

If Rummenigge’s thinks Kane will choose them over all the other suitors when his contract expires, he and Tuchel have another thing coming.

That strategy would make sense if Munich didn’t need an elite striker now, which they so obviously do.

So why are the German champions undercutting Tottenham’s asking price so dramatically?

There’s no way Rummenigge is naive enough to believe he has the upper hand. If we’ve learned anything, Levy will hold firm.

Losing Kane for nothing at the end of next season will not compromise Levy’s inflexible stance. He knows Kane’s worth, unlike Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and, in 2021, Manchester City.

Newcastle just purchased Sandro Tonali for £55 million. With all due respect to the 23-year-old, Munich’s opening bid of £60 million for Kane would be hilarious if it wasn’t so offensive.

Kane is Tottenham’s all-time goalscoring leader and will be the top flight’s most prolific goal-getter at some point during his career. He is England’s captain; as mentioned previously, he is also England’s all-time goalscoring leader.

Seeing a trend here? Munich obviously doesn’t

Kane has three Premier League Golden Boots, tied atop that venerable list with Mo Salah and Alan Shearer. Oh, and Kane can play in the No. 10 role as well as any No. 10 in world football.

You can see why Levy should take such abhorrently low bids as mockery, whether or not intended.

Kane turns 30 years old on July 28. He has about two years left of his prime, enough time to potentially help Bayern Munich win the Champions League.

Even when Kane’s offensive output starts to decrease, he will still be more prolific than 90 percent of the world’s frontmen.

He is that good, and for Bayern Munich not to realize or ignore it tells us all we need to know. Kane will play at least one more season for Tottenham.

What happens after that is anyone’s guess, but unless Tottenham enjoys an epic resurgence under Ange that includes a domestic trophy, expect Kane to walk for free, probably joining a Premier League competitor.

So buckle up when, on July 12, Kane is expected to report to Tottenham’s pre-season camp. Unlike 2021, Kane should show up, albeit begrudgingly, at least from the onset.