Tottenham has a long season ahead as 2022/23 EPL schedule drops

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The Premier League has released the 2022/23 season schedule, and Tottenham Hotspur has a long and windy road, which is, of course, subject to change.

Schedule release day is simultaneously one of the most and least exciting days of the football calendar, as fans everywhere dream of a perfect season with trophies at the end. The reality is that television deals, cup competitions, and even a case of Covid could impact dates, but the slate is set for Spurs heading into a long, long season.

Spurs start early, end late in a long Premier League season

Under normal circumstances, fans would be more focused on the World Cup right now than anything else but hosting a World Cup in the middle of a desert is anything but typical. The tournament is scheduled to begin on Monday 21 November and run until the final on Sunday 18 December. For those 28-days, the Premier League, EFL Cup, Champions League, and all other competitions will be put on hold, turning what is usually a marathon into triathlon for international players.

Tottenham is, fortunately, thinking ahead and working to bolster the squad’s depth, with signings like Yves Bissouma to help cover in a midfield where every other player in the unit may be in Qatar.

Because of the timing of the World Cup, the league schedule is quite lopsided, with several light months and as many heavy months of competition, throughout an at times grueling 10-month season for Spurs spanning 295 days.

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