Wolves Adama Traore move to Tottenham all but confirmed

Football Insider is adamant the deal we’ve been anticipating most of the window is complete, with Adama Traore on his way to Tottenham. 


We are still awaiting authoritative confirmation from one of the big boys, either the Athletic, BBC, Fabrizio Romano, The Guardian or another similar outlet. The tweet below and embedded link shows Football Insider’s confidence in the move being confirmed.

The latest tweet from a Grade-A source, Tim Spiers, takes a less brazen tone, saying the deal is a matter of when, not if.

Even Fabrizio is in on the act now. It’s becoming more imminent as I write this sentence. Whether you like it or not, Adama is coming to Spurs. Personal terms have already been discussed.

Either way you slice it, this deal is going to happen, potentially today but no later than Monday. It’s a long time coming, but Traore is set to be transformed into the right wingback Antonio Conte knows he can be. Even if he doesn’t nestle into the right wingback role, it will be brilliant to see him galloping down the right wing with the pace and power of a rhino.

Some Spurs supporters will pop the champagne while others will be skeptical, praying that Conte’s evaluation of the winger is as slick as the Spaniard’s lathered oil.