How Nuno’s training sessions will prepare Tottenham for start of new season

Nuno Espirito Santo is running two-a-day training sessions and is working his players hard in preparation for Tottenham’s new campaign. 

Santo is a firm believer in making sure his team is physically ready for the rigours that lie ahead. Fitness, while a necessity for any successful team, is often a fundamental overlooked by numerous managers.

Nuno prioritizes its importance, knowing a physically ready team can overcome many obstacles. Having a fitness advantage over the opposing team can even negate a gulf in class. The more physically adept team can run roughshod over the technically superior team, making it difficult for them to showcase their talent.

It will also allow Nuno to be able to execute a relentless high press, an integral part of the system he intends to deploy at Tottenham. Without incredibly high fitness levels, the high press is rendered pretty much useless.

Tottenham will continue to run two-a-day training sessions for another week or so, ensuring Nuno’s side is able to remain competitive against Manchester City on opening day. It’s imperative for Spurs to not only be incredibly fit, but organized too.

Being able to consistently close down space, press high and mark man to man are all predicated on a team’s overall fitness level. The high intensity training sessions do come with a certain risk factor. There is more opportunity for players to suffer injury under such duress. But if managed properly, Tottenham should be physically ready to stifle City’s time and space.

Nuno has to get the balance right, though, as it’s a long, gruelling season and he cannot afford to see any of his first team players spend time recuperating on the training table.