Why Tottenham supporters should give Nuno benefit of the doubt

Nuno Espirito Santo is set to lead Tottenham into the 2021-2022 campaign and should be given the benefit of the doubt from a somewhat skeptical fan base. 

The Portuguese gaffer was rumoured to be making his way to Turkey in favour of a job at Fenerbahçe. But Nuno decided to commit to Tottenham for the next couple of years, a move that has garnered a rather polarized response from supporters.

At this stage everyone should at least try get on board with the decision reached by Fabio Paratici. After over 10 weeks without a manager, this moment should fill Tottenham supporters with utter joy. Nuno Espirito is a spirited manager who is excited to lead Tottenham’s forthcoming rebuild.

The 47-year-old lifted Wolves to Premier League promotion during his first year in charge. He is renowned for having an uncanny ability to motivate and inspire players at a human level. Not unlike Mauricio Pochettino, Nuno is a man manager, someone who prioritizes a reinforced togetherness amongst the squad.

Nuno understands the importance of having the collective pulling in the same direction toward an ultimate goal. He believes passionately in the merit of solidarity, knowing the unparalleled importance of each player having one another’s back.

While Nuno appears a reserved character in the public eye, he is anything but behind the scenes. Passionate, boisterous and motivational, Nuno knows exactly how to elicit the best from each player, which creates an unbreakable bond between the collective.

While doubters will point to his barren trophy cabinet, Nuno’s lack of silverware is more due to lack of opportunity as opposed to any individual deficiency. He led Wolves to almost instant promotion and lifted the middling side to a place in the Europa League, a feat not to be brushed over without first recognizing its impressiveness. Nuno endured a difficult one-year stint at Porto but every manager faces adversity at some point during his career.

I’ll dig into his tactical nous and philosophy on subsequent pieces, but suffice to say, Nuno’s spirit will assuredly galvanize a side in dire need of unity. He might have a lot of doubters, but supporters should give the gaffer the benefit of the doubt.

He took a leap of faith by accepting the impossible job. Now we as Tottenham’s faithful should return the favour. He has the pedigree and leadership qualities to facilitate a rebirth at Hotspur Way. We just need to believe in him and what he’s trying to achieve.

Until Nuno gives you a reason to doubt his credence and calibre as a Tottenham’s gaffer, everyone should get behind his appointment. It’s not only the smart thing to do, it’s also precisely the unified mantra Nuno will invariably instil behind the scenes at his new club.