Former Tottenham player’s views about Levy reflects supporters’ thoughts

Former Tottenham striker Mido launched a scathing attack on Daniel Levy about how chairman has handled the club’s pursuit of a manager, reflecting exactly the way most supporters feel. 

In a recent tweet about Levy’s handling of Spurs’ prolonged hunt for a manager, the former Spurs’ forward said:

“Tottenham fans should know better. Daniel Levy will never bring any manager in who wants full control of the football decisions, will never bring in a demanding manager!!

“That’s why he sacked Poch when he started to ask for more players when he started to compare his team to City”.

Tottenham fans do know better, Mr. Mido. And they feel even more aggrieved and betrayed than you.

Levy had a real chance to at least partially redeem himself after an inept, almost criminal season in charge of club affairs. Yet another chance to make amends has agonizingly gone by the way side. Almost eight weeks after sacking Jose Mourinho and Tottenham still don’t have a manager.

Even worse, Levy is said to be on the cusp of hiring a manager who, quite frankly, isn’t at the level Spurs need of a new boss. With all due respect to Paulo Fonseca, his CV doesn’t command respect, nor does his achievements as a 17-year manager.

The bundling manner in which the managerial hunt has been conducted makes one wonder whether Levy is purposefully sabotaging the club he’s been in complete control over for 20 years.

Nobody wants to ever consider such a nefarious prospect, but Levy’s recent rash of hapless, selfish, shortsighted errors have almost single handedly flung the club he supposedly loves into a deep regression.

Granted unchecked autonomy combined with a palpable lack of oversight and accountability, ENIC handed Levy the kind of ultimate power only monarchs and dictators have experienced. And it has spectacularly backfired on the club, particularly in the last five years.

Supporters understand acutely what is transpiring at Tottenham, and the outrage is clear to see, not only on social media platforms but on the streets, in offices, at homes and in supporters’ favourite watering holes across the globe.

Mr Mido, you are not alone in your condemnation of Levy.

That condemnation is widespread and almost unanimous. You’ll be hard pressed to source a long-time Spurs supporters who is unwaveringly still in Mr. Levy’s corner.

And the chairman only has himself to blame for the calamitous unravelling of a club that was just recently touted as not only one of the world’s most profitable, but one with the most potential to soar to eminent heights.

The latter of which, at this precise moment in time, feels like a mere pipe dream.