Tottenham Super League penalty trivial compared to main punishment

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The Premier League has ruled on Tottenham’s decision to join the breakaway Super League, fining them and the other five transgressors a combined £22 million

If shared evenly, it equates to about £3.67 million each. The Premier League was originally predicted to dole out a much stiffer fine, in the region of £15 million per team. Showing leniency, the top flight just wanted to put this mess behind them.

The financial slap on the wrist will barely be felt by these multi-billion pound businesses. On top of the recent verdict, participating clubs — Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester United, Liverpool — were also forced to pay a withdrawal fee for pulling out of the Super League. Owners of their respective clubs paid those fines, avoiding using club finances for their senseless unilateral decisions.

If these clubs ever decide to make a similar decision to break away from the Premier League, more severe punishments will be invoked, including a £25 million fine and a 30-point deduction.

But even those repercussions pale in importance to the most substantive deterrent: Supporters’ universal and sweeping condemnation.

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