The pressure is on Leicester City, not Tottenham Hotspur in season finale

Tottenham (Photo by ADAM DAVY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Tottenham (Photo by ADAM DAVY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

With their respective futures in Europe on the line, there is pressure on both Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City in their Premier League finale. However, potentially facing a second straight season of top-four disappointment, there is more pressure on Leicester than Tottenham.

The pressure is on Leicester City, not Tottenham

No Tottenham Hotspur fan will be happy if they lose and end up finishing ninth behind arch-rival Arsenal. However, a loss would probably be more damning for Leicester City. The Foxes are looking to have bottled their shot at Champions League for the second straight season.

Unlike Spurs who have been fighting to claw back to the top of the table for months, Leicester has been in the top four, mostly third, since matchday 17. In fact, Leicester has been in the top four for 30 of the 37 weeks this season, including 20 straight before their midweek loss to Chelsea.

Now with a win possibly not even enough – given Liverpool’s goal difference advantage – Leicester might again lose the top European competition at the death. With a big desire to avoid a second straight poor end to the season, the Foxes should be ready to play but also with a lot of pressure.

Add in that Leicester City has lost eight of their 18 home matches this season and will have fans back. Maybe the nerves, emotion, pressure, and potential disappointment will be enough to unsettle Leicester City and open the door for Tottenham to walk through.

While the pressure is squarely on Leicester City, pressure alone will not be enough for the Lilywhites to overcome the Foxes. Here are three other keys to the Spurs winning the finale.

Tottenham are not pressure-free

Just because there is more pressure on Leicester does not mean the Spurs will not be both facing and feeling the pressure too. If Arsenal gets an early lead in their match and Tottenham falls behind, we could see the Lilywhites hit the panic button.

However, Leicester is the team that not only needs to win and win big to try and make up some goal difference. Right now Tottenham has a goal difference in their favor and a win, by 1 goal or 5 makes no difference, Spurs just need the three points.

So while Tottenham is likely going to feel some pressure, especially Harry Kane if he knows this is his last Spurs game but there is much more pressure on Leicester City. If Tottenham can remain calm and play their match, they can steal the three points and what will be with Europe will be.

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