If transfer rumor is true, Tottenham fans will not see right back again

Tottenham Hotspur, Serge Aurier (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur, Serge Aurier (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images) /

First, it was Real Madrid, now the transfer rumors say PSG already has had a bid accepted for Tottenham right-back Serge Aurier. If PSG has indeed had a bid accepted for the Ivory Coast captain, do not expect to see Aurier in a Spurs shirt again.

Tottenham need a change in the back

Serge Aurier has been at Tottenham since 2017 and has had an up and down tenure with the club. At times Aurier can get forward with the best wing-backs in the game, sending in curling crosses and thundering home the occasional volley.

However, the opposite side of Aurier’s attacking ability is his defensive liability. Given the back is almost always the furthest defender up the pitch, he is also often one of the first places other teams attack. Depending on who is covering, both defensively and on the wing with Aurier, that space behind can be disastrous.

Ultimately, it has been the bad fouls – more than anything else – which has most left Aurier as someone fans do not trust. Whether it is a stupid penalty kick or a late lunge for a dangerous free-kick, those fouls in and around the box are killers for a defense that just is not athletic enough to control the box.

This is not to pin all of the defense’s problems are Serge Aurier, between Eric Dier and Davinson Sanchez there have been plenty of bad fouls and mistakes defensively.

Moving on Aurier now makes sense

Given his contract is expiring next June and the team is in the process of rebuilding, it makes sense to cash in on Aurier now. Tottenham may not get what they paid for him four years ago given the market situation but something more than £15 million – his approximate value according to transfermarkt.com should be taken, no questions asked.

According to Football Insider, the deal is already done. If that is the case, hopefully, Spurs got the cash they are seeking and it means we are unlikely to see Serge Aurier again in a Spurs shirt.

One of the reasons Tottenham has struggled to bring in new players has been the inability to move old players out of the squad. The last thing anyone at N17 wants to do is jeopardize the sale of Aurier by him getting hurt in one of the club’s last two matches.

Serge Aurier has been a solid citizen and squad player for Spurs, if he wishes to go back to France, Tottenham should oblige. More importantly, his sale is just the first step in a rebuild that is long overdue.

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