Tottenham cannot afford to make knee jerk decision on next manager

Having failed to secure any of their top three candidates, Daniel Levy cannot afford to make a knee jerk decision on Tottenham’s next manager. 

Sounds clear and obvious enough, right? Not when it comes to Daniel Levy, whose repeated erratic decisions could send Tottenham spiralling back to the perennial mid-table side of the early 2000s.

It’s not an exaggeration to say the next managerial appointment could mean the difference between Spurs contending for trophies or heading like a projectile toward deepening regression.

Which means Levy has to get this incredibly important decision right.

Though by now most of us have lost all confidence in that optimistic, even improbable outcome. Three promising, high-profile managers in the last week have said no to Levy’s incongruous, disconnected project.

If he has a vision for the long term, we have yet to see it. Though I’m not sure we want to after witnessing a recent rash of impetuous, illogical and shortsighted decisions.

I’m referring to Levy’s appointment of Jose Mourinho, his betrayal to enter the club unilaterally into the already defunct Super League, his soulless call to furlough 550 non-playing staff’s salaries during the initial stage of Covid-19, and his recent decision to sack Jose without any veritable plan.

Levy has made it clear that he wants a new manager in place before the summer’s European Championship commences. Though surely it depends on whether the right candidate is both available and amenable to the role. Hiring a second-rate or inexperienced manager without previous pedigree would have a catastrophic impact on the football club.

Spurs next manager, depending on who and how many current players leave, could be responsible for a wholesale rebuild. Having a manager who isn’t up to that behemoth responsibility would severely retrogress the club, causing irreversible damage.

Everyone in Spurs land is watching this situation with bated breath, praying and hoping Levy proves the fanbase wrong and refrains at all costs from making yet another knee jerk decision.