Sheffield game means new chances for Mason, Tottenham Hotspur

HULL, ENGLAND- FEBRUARY 23 : Retired footballer Ryan Mason pitchside before the Sky Bet Championship match between Hull City and Sheffield United at KCOM on February 23, 2018 in Hull, England. (Photo by Richard Sellers/Getty Images)*** Ryan Mason *** "n
HULL, ENGLAND- FEBRUARY 23 : Retired footballer Ryan Mason pitchside before the Sky Bet Championship match between Hull City and Sheffield United at KCOM on February 23, 2018 in Hull, England. (Photo by Richard Sellers/Getty Images)*** Ryan Mason *** "n /

One could call it a lack of will or possibly a lack of daring, we called it both at HotspurHQ. The fact is it was Tottenham Hotspur not going for it against Manchester City in the Carabao Cup that was the most disappointing aspect of the entire match. To fire one of the most renowned defensive coaches of all time only to sit in a shell Jose Mourinho was canned for using just made no sense. The good news for Spurs is that the season is not over and Sunday hosting Sheffield United presents a number of opportunities for Tottenham.

Tottenham and Mason have a Chance

If the club’s mouthpiece –– is to be believed, Daniel Levy is looking to get the new coach squared away before the season is over. While Ryan Mason’s best chance to get the gig likely flew out the window with the Carabao Cup, it does not mean these games are not an audition for himself and the players.

No matter who is going to end up coaching the team next season, it is likely that person is going to be watching Sunday with a keen eye in making decisions about this team. With both the players and coach likely under the microscope for what remains of the season, rather than wilt under the pressure, the Lilywhites need to recognize the situation for what it is, an opportunity and a chance.

Sheffield is a chance for Mason to show his philosophy

Ryan Mason had a whirlwind first week in the interim role where he coached two matches including a cup final. After such a week Mason was sure to have enjoyed having an actual week to coach the team.

Leading up to the final, Mason talked about the Tottenham DNA and the Spurs philosophy of attacking football, living up to the motto, to dare is to do. Ultimately, the strength of Manchester City was too much for the LIlywhites to overcome and they were not as daring as anyone would have hoped. Sheffield United, provides a different kind of opponent, however.

To say Sheffield United has struggled this season is an understatement, as the Pirates are giving up more than three times as many goals per game as they are scoring. At 1.7 goals-against per match, Sheffield has the third-worst defensive record in the league and has already been relegated. This is a perfect opportunity for Ryan Mason and Tottenham to show some moxie and play from the front foot.

Ryan Mason spent a week telling us he was all about attack and it failed to materialize. Now after a week to prepare to attack one of the worst defenses in the league, this is a major opportunity and chance for Mason to show he has a real future in coaching.

The players can show they will still give it all for the badge

The overall formation and approach tactically in the final was bad enough for the fans but the players’ lack of spirit made it that much worse. I cannot remember seeing a more lopsided one-goal game in a long, long time.

The fact that even at the end of the match, when normally even the best teams are scrambling to keep a desperate opposition from equalizing, never occurred was quite telling. Whether it was the shock of the firing of Mourinho or something else, whatever kept the team from giving their best effort needs to end.

The odds are not good but Tottenham can still make the top four or at least Europa League. Sheffield has nothing to play for.  Sunday against a team already relegated playing for nothing beyond maybe a transfer to stay in the big time is a big chance for this team. If the Tottenham players cannot come out ready to kick their opponent while they are down, then we know the problems are far greater than we know.

Tottenham has a chance to show they have a chance

First Tottenham was going to win the league this season. Then after the lead there fell apart it was the Europa League. As the Europa League slipped away, the thought was the Carabao Cup will be the one. At this point all fans have is hope we can somehow, by some Manchester United penalty kick miracle make the top four.

For even that small miracle hope to be alive after Sunday, the Spurs have to win. There simply are not enough games left to think you can drop any points and actually still achieve anything of value out of the season. While a Europa League place is not something to circle the field celebrating, the cash windfall of playing in any European competition is.

At this point, hoping that we have something meaningful to play for next season is all we have left as fans. If Tottenham loses Sunday, even that is gone. Thus Sunday is a chance for the team to show us, yes we still have a chance, not matter how small the puncher, we have a chance.

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