Tottenham have better chance in Carabao Cup Final after sacking Mourinho

Daniel Levy sacked Jose Mourinho just six days before the Carabao Cup Final, oddly providing Tottenham with a better chance of beating Manchester City on Sunday. 

Many people will find the timing of Mourinho’s sacking peculiar if not inappropriate. Jose was procured to win trophies, for the exact forthcoming occasion for Tottenham on Sunday. But Mourinho had clearly lost his ability to inspire the troops. In fact, his abject failings in pivotal moments this season have assuredly contributed to his exodus.

Coughing up a two-goal advantage in Zagreb against Dinamo in the club’s Round of 16 Europa League exit was the mere tip of the iceberg. With just two wins in 12 matches against the Premier League’s top six teams this season, Jose has clearly lost his knack for winning big matches against elite teams.

The last few weeks also showcased the collective’s palpable lack of motivation and desire. They have been devoid of the urgency required to make a run at the top four.

Tottenham can now move on while completely severing ties with their stubborn, dogmatic former manager. And rest assured, it will, at least temporarily, buoy and galvanize Spurs. You’ll see a Tottenham side with a new lease on life as they exit the tunnel for Sunday’s final. They’ll play free, enterprising football, unencumbered by Jose’s dogged, tired and risk averse tactics.

Teams that fire their manager historically see an immediate positive reaction, precisely why Levy decided to pull the trigger just six days before the Carabao Cup Final.

It also feels like Levy didn’t want to give Mourinho the satisfaction of leading Tottenham out of the tunnel for such a momentous occasion, even though that’s exactly what he was hired for in the first place.

It’s a perplexing time to be a Tottenham Hotspur supporter. The infuriating announcement yesterday that Spurs will be involved in the Super League followed almost immediately by the rightful sacking of Mourinho and his staff.

Wouldn’t it be quintessential Spurs to cap it off with a win against City in Sunday’s Carabao Cup Final, thus ending their 12-year trophy-less streak?