Real question is about where not who is accountable at Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images) /

When it comes to the Tottenham Hotspur season’s current state, the real question is about where not who is accountable at Spurs. Go to Twitter or the traditional media and there is plenty of blame to go around with what is wrong at Tottenham Hotspur. While fans and journalists want to point fingers at who is accountable for Spurs’ current malaise, the problem lies in the lack of accountability from anyone at the club.

Everyone is at fault at Tottenham

There are three basic schools of thought among the Tottenham fan base, some of which are much louder than others. Of course, there is the Mourinho-out group. The Mourinho-out contingent has been present at Bill Nicholson Way since Day 1 and with every dropped point – like Sunday at Newcastle – or failed competition that portion of the fanbase grows.

This thread is just one of the hundreds if not thousands you can find where the issue is and has always been José Mourinho. If you read the comments the voices run the gambit about who truly is at fault, which brings us to culprit number 2, the players.

While you can find LOTs of comments and even threads starting to blame the players at Tottenham, what those tweets typically lack is a lot of support. In truth, very few fans seem willing to completely throw the players under the bus, Davinson Sanchez aside. That said, this tweet from We Are Tottenham TV points out – as unbelievable as it is to believe – Mourinho has gotten more in his last 30 matches than did Pochettino.

The point there is it is the players, not the coach that continues to be problematic, although as many replies point out, a better coach can get more out of the players. Although Spurs have improved in every category. Of course, Mourinho has had a lot more than 30 matches as did Pochettino, so this is apples and oranges.

All this brings us to the third party to blame, Daniel Levy and ENIC. The tweet below is one of the hundreds you can find, not to mention a large number of Twitter handles featuring some version of ENIC or Levy out or both.

All of this blaming misses the point that there is no accountability

The real problem is ultimately accountability at Tottenham Hotspur, where there simply is none. After poor results like we had Sunday, where are the players or anyone within the club taking any responsibility?  I do realize the horrendous and unacceptable racism spewed by some problem turned many off of social media but where are the Tottenham leaders?

After the Joe Hart posting debacle following the loss to Dinamo Zagreb, it is clear that even fringe players often do not host their own accounts. But where is the accountability for the loss? Where are players coming out and accepting responsibility?

Mourinho does not help himself

Then we have Mourinho who seems to never be accountable for anything. Do not get me wrong, I am not Mourinho out and think he has not been given a real chance to create the team he wants – although everyone has had the same extreme circumstances for the last year. However, José never says it is his fault or he did something wrong, which will always rub some people the wrong way.

Levy is Levy and ENIC is ENIC

As for Daniel Levy and ENIC, well good luck hearing from ownership and Levy will have some statement the next time the Supports Trust comes up. Levy has done wonderful things for Tottenham in terms of the infrastructure of the club and academy which supports hundreds of players and jobs, which people often forget.

That said, recruitment has been awful and a lot of that comes down to Tottenham not getting their first choice players consistently. Look what Ruben Dias has done for John Stones who has been infallible for Manchester City but is still an accident waiting to happen next to Harry Maquire for England. Why? Because Ruben is the kind of player that brings that stability with his leadership, regardless of age.

One thing that has been consistent for the trophy drought is the highest level of leadership in the club, which does make it easy to point the finger their way.

Lead their country but not their club?

The toughest part to figure may be the number of leaders Tottenham has on their team, yet no one is really stepping up and leading this squad from within. Lloris is Captain of the defending World Cup Champion France. Bale is captain of Wales, Kane is captain of England, Son is captain of South Korea, and Aurier is captain of Ivory Coast.

That is five full international captains, yet this team is still lacking leadership. While it looked like Lloris was going to do that a year ago when he got on Son for not coming back in a much-publicized half-time blow-up. The team has simply fallen back into a real lack of accountability, most of all to each other.

Where are players coming out and saying I could have done better? Where are players running hard to get into position to cover the midfielder coming in to capitalize on a predictable defensive mistake? Had any of the four midfielders run with Willock, maybe they clear the ball instead of it getting put into the roof.

When do we see any of these players lead on or off the field for the Spurs?

Can Tottenham just win and play hard?

The bottom line is this team from top to bottom this club does not give it all every day. We rarely even hear the one game at a time phrase anymore as the team inevitably waits for yet another coach to come in and try to turn the entire club around. Of course, the only change in the variable continues to be the manager, which leads one to believe maybe one of the other two parties to blame – ENIC/Levy or the players – is accurate. When the club keeps changing managers and the players all have longer contracts, you are set up to fail.

Ultimately, I do not care who is at fault but I do care about people taking accountability and actually doing something about the problem. If you cannot play hard for the coach, the badge, or each other, please play consistently hard for the fans, who have long been suffering and want answers and trophies, not more blame.

What we fans want at this point is simple, win the Carabao Cup and end this stupid trophy jinx. Make the darn top four and have the funds to really compete next season. Show us you care as much as we do, is that too much to ask?

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