Tottenham Europa League Projected XI for Wolfsberger at Home

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Tottenham Hotspur’s French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris reacts with Tottenham Hotspur’s Colombian defender Davinson Sanchez at the final whistle during the English League Cup January 5, 2021. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

Tottenham Starting Defense

This is the part where the real questions need to be answered, unfortunately the best answer currently in the squad for the defense – Joe Rodon – is not even eligible. While it is possible José throws everything out of wack and goes with a back three/five, spurs simply need a competent back four. In the absence of that, here are the players Spurs will start.

Ben Davies – Left Back

Ben Davies finally got some much needed rest at the weekend as Sergio Reguilon returned from injury. Reguilon was okay but clearly was favoring his leg at times in his 77 minutes of football. It would make sense for the Spaniard to get more rest with Spurs in a leading position and be saved for the Premier League and give Davies his time here in Europ.

Toby Alderweireld – Center-half

Like many of the positions for Tottenham at this point, this one is based on the lesser of all evils. Toby Alderweireld has clearly lost a step or two the last couple of seasons. Mauricio Pochettino had noticed it but no one wanted to believe him. Now 18 months into a 3 year contract later, it is clear Toby can only go in the right situations. When Spurs simply need competence and leadership it is a good time for Toby and he gets the call Wednesday to provide both.

Davinson Sanchez – Center-half

Davinson Sanchez is certainly one of the whipping boys of the fans, however, if you start watching the games back, you see Sanchez carrying a far too big of defensive load. Running with everyone as others just watch. Attacking the ball in the air as others let it bounce. Sanchez is not great, but he is continually being let down by his teammates. Sanchez is not perfect but he goes 100% all the time which is more than we can say for a number of players right now.

Japhet Tanganga – Right Back

Japhet Tanganga is getting a little run of games here. With Serge Aurier only just back to practice from an injury of his own, it would be a bit premature to send him back in a match Spurs should be okay in. While Japhet Tanganga does not provide the same forward push that Matt Doherty does he plays sound defense, which Matt Doherty does not. Additionally, Tanganga will hustle to get back, which Matt Doherty does not. Bottom line, the kid is playing for his career and will give it, which is more than we can say for the alternative until Aurier is back.

Hugo Lloris – Goalkeeper

As much as we would like to see Joe Hart command the box and hear his booming voice barking at the players, based on last week, it seems Hart may be done for the season barring injury. Lloris really could not be playing much worse than he has of late. That first goal against West Ham should be keeping him up. With his first two steps being backwards on a ball that Antonio toe-poked 3 feet in front of goal stomach high is a keepers ball or a goal. We got the goal when Lloris backpedaled. Played poor balls, even on the easy ones.

The man needs a clean sheet desperately and this is the next and maybe last best chance to do it.