Tottenham Europa League Projected XI for Wolfsberger at Home

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Having won 1-4 on the away leg, Tottenham Hotspur are already more than half-way to the Round of 16 in Europa League. However, with a slew of players in need of some confidence from a good game, expect a strong XI from Tottenham to face Wolfsberger as Spurs look to seal the advancement in what is becoming a more important competition by the week.

Europa League – Now with More Importance

Even before Tottenham Hotspur embarrassed themselves on the receiving end of a Mourinho masterclass against West Ham, the idea of Europa League being Spurs salvation was already alive. While HotspurHQ writing about Europa League being the priority meant little, José Mourinho did have to answer questions about it last week both before and after West Ham.

Before the loss to the Hammers Mourinho was a bit more confident as he talked about the mathematics of it all and how mathematically Tottenham were okay and could make a run. After the match, while still talking mathematics, it was more that there was a mathematical possibility than it was about any real sense of Spurs making a run for top four.

At this point, barring a complete 180 turn that seems very unlikely, the only chance Tottenham have of making Champions League and cashing the check that comes with it is winning Europa League. While the idea of winning Europa League sounds nice, at tis point, it really is about all Spurs have and it is desperately needed.

Even if Tottenham make Champions League by winning Europa League there will be a lot of questions the team and some major players will have to answer before next season, meaning the squad and entire club could look significantly different six months from now.

Regardless, we digress, because the importance of winning Europa League is paramount, but with a 3 away goal advantage, Tottenham start a somewhat familiar group.