The day Tottenham fans have been waiting for has arrived

No, Tottenham haven’t won a trophy yet, but the news that supporters will be permitted back into the stadium, probably before the end of the current campaign, offers tremendous hope.  

The government announced plans to reintroduce fans into stadiums, though, as it stands, Spurs won’t be buoyed by the presence of supporters for the April 25 Carabao Cup Final. Mid May is the current timeline for supporters to return, with the FA planning to allow 10,000 fans back for the FA Cup Final.

While Spurs supporters will, for the most part, be forced to wait until next season to support their beloved side en-masse, the breaking news from the government is a step in the right direction.

Spurs supporters cannot wait to get back to the way things were. But make no mistake, the best supporters in the world have their work cut out for them. Tottenham’s new stadium hasn’t yet provided a fortress-like feeling the club hoped for.

Hampered by a poor run of results prior to last season’s lockdown, Spurs will be anticipant of welcoming supporters back. The lads need their boisterous backing, as the current lack of atmosphere is palpable. Every team is in the same boat, but Tottenham, after waiting years for their new stadium, are especially thirsty for a return to normality.

Supporters will unquestionably help their team once again make Tottenham’s home stadium a fortress, a daunting place other sides will dread playing at. It may take time, but it will happen.

Of course a lot depends on how the team performs, but don’t underestimate the impact Tottenham supporters will have on the outcome of home matches. Even if Jose parks the bus, Tottenham supporters will back their team unwaveringly and with a constant deafening collective roar.

I for one cannot wait for that day to arrive.