Tottenham Hotspur Waste Chances, Blow Lead, Drop Points to Fulham

Tottenham Hotspur had chances aplenty but were not clinical enough and paid for it with a blown lead and two dropped points home to Fulham in league.

Tottenham Hotspur should have been out of site from Fulham by halftime with six scoring chances, not counting a goal from Harry Kane. Again, in the second half, Tottenham had several chances, however Spurs could not find a second. Eventually, as has been the case all season that lack of a second goal cost Tottenham as they were drawn home by Fulham 1-1.

Chances Missed Again and Again for Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur had a lot of chances to score more than one goal no Wednesday against Fulham. Throughout the match Spurs created opportunities on both sides of the Harry Kane diving header but never found the mark as Spurs were just not clinical enough time and again.

Reguilón Not Ready

Within the first five minutes of the match, Sergio Reguilón had two opportunities to score in the box and could not come good with either. The first was a wicked-hard cross from Serge Aurier, which came onto Sergio just too quickly for him to make good contact. Instead of a shot it was more of a deflection in the general direction of the goal.

However, that first deflection happened so fact, it came back to Reguilón. This time the Spaniard was more prepared, and he swung through with a right footed half-volley. Unfortunately, Sergio was under the ball and it went over for a goal kick.

While Sergio did make good with a third opportunity in the second half, Heung-Min Son was offside in the build-up and the goal did not count. Further Sergio was excellent throughout, he just didn’t get around on these two chances.

Players Not Scorers in the Midfield

Tottenham played an interesting midfield with Harry Winks, Pierre Højbjerg, and Moussa Sissoko all starting for Spurs. None of the three are really known for their scoring prowess and all three found opportunities which they missed.

Around 39 minutes Tanguy Ndombele won the ball near midfield and played forward to Harry Kane. As Kane went driving toward the goal, Son flashed in front of him diagonally dragging the defense. With three defenders on the Fulham left to stop Kane and Son, Harry played a perfect square ball into the middle of the pitch.

As Pierre Højbjerg ran up and through the ball right at the edge of the box, instead of striking through with his laces he side footed the ball tamely right at Areola for an easy save. In the second half, Harry Winks had a distance effort that he too side footed. Winks had good placement, but not enough power and Areola got a glove on the ball to parry it wide.

For Moussa Sissoko, he dribbled from midfield all the way to the six in the first minute of the second half only to have his shot stuffed by the defense. It was a decent chance that was only created because Sissoko is so athletic, but he could not do more with the opportunity he created. While all three midfielders played decent, none of the three could capitalize on their chances.

Son and Kane Miss Too

Harry Kane had a terrific goal off a wonderful cross from Sergio Reguilón, however, Kane should have headed home a second almost five minutes later. Tanguy Ndombele had played Aurier behind the defense and his cutback cross found Kane, who just could not redirect it enough to go inside the post.

While Kane did not get a whole lot more chances, Heung-Min Son sure did. Son had three good scoring chances which the South Korean could not take advantage of. The first was at seventeen minutes on one of the many balls from Tanguy Ndombele getting Serge Aurier behind the defense. Aurier’s cross was excellent and Son made good contact with his toe to put the ball on frame.

Areola managed to react well and made a kick save off Son’s redirection. Then at about 23 minutes, just before Harry Kane’s goal, Tanguy Ndombele chipped the ball into the box and Son was behind everyone alone near the penalty spot. Son tried to power the header, but kind of telegraphed the ball and left it high for Areola to save.

While Kane scored just a few moments after Son missed in the first half, the same occurred in the second half, but it was Fulham who scored instead. Tanguy Ndombele had intercepted the ball and played Son in on goal. Son did not make great contact on his shot and while it beat Areola it did not beat the post and bounced back to the keeper.  Add in Son not getting onside to get the ball before he ‘assisted’ Reguilón for what would have been the winner and sufficient to say Son has had better days.

Fulham Deserve Some Credit

The Cottagers were not just handed a point by Tottenham, despite Spurs missing numerous chances. Fulham played strong and aggressive football, particularly in the second half, where they came out pressing from the kick. After a relatively tame first half, Scott Parker and Fulham went for it I the second.

Even the first substitution of the match, taking off a back for an extra attacker showed the intent of Fulham to go for at least a point. Fulham was relatively well organized, and their keeper Areola had a nice game. However, not all the Tottenham efforts were on target, giving away golden opportunities and proceeding to drop two points and out of the top four in the process.

While people will complain about Tottenham sitting back, the had the chances and had they finished them, it would not have been a problem. Sure Spurs were less aggressive in the second half, but again they had their chances and should have finished the job.