Why Tottenham Hotspur Should Play Harry Kane against Marine

July 11, 2018; Moscow, Russia; England forward Harry Kane Mandatory Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports
July 11, 2018; Moscow, Russia; England forward Harry Kane Mandatory Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports /

You can debate whether José Mourinho should play Harry Kane for Tottenham Hotspur against Marine FC in the FA Cup, so we did and here is why he should.

With Tottenham Hotspur facing non-league Marine FC in the FA Cup on Sunday amid a flurry of fixtures, the opportunity to rest superstar Harry Kane is real. Also real is the opportunity of a lifetime for the Marine FC club and players to face one of the world’s best players in Kane. Such is the dilemma facing José Mourinho and Tottenham Hotspur Sunday, to play or not to play Harry Kane. Here at HotspurHQ we gave it some thought, and these are the pros we have identified for fieldling Kane.

Pros for Harry Kane Playing

When it comes to the idea of Harry Kane – Tottenham’s most important player – playing on the road at a non-league club, you really must look for good reasons. There are ultimately a few, but they all have different benefactors. There are reasons that benefit, Tottenham, Marine, and Harry Kane for Kane to play.

Pro for Marine FC

Let’s face it, this is 100% an opportunity of a lifetime for the Marine FC team. Getting the chance to get this far in the competition and then be drawn against a team like Tottenham Hotspurs, truly is an opportunity of a lifetime. Part of that opportunity is taking the field to compete with and against one of the best players in the world, Harry Kane.

Having that opportunity to play against Kane and likely concede a couple goals to be able to tell their children and grandchildren about is something ONLY the FA Cup ca deliver. For this to be the ultimate experience for Marine, Harry Kane has to be part, he is too important to Tottenham and to English football not to be.

Pro for Tottenham

José Mourinho takes Cup competitions seriously and respects the FA Cup a great deal. He even said there was no better way to show respect than to go to Marine and play well and win. Well, there is no better way to help ensure a victory than by bringing and playing Harry Kane.

Kane is becoming more and more a focal point of the attack and if Tottenham seriously want to get some youth on the field, the best way is to play well early and put the game to bed. The best way to put the game to bed is by having Harry Kane on the pitch. This is to in no way to insinuate Tottenham need Harry Kane to win, rather, they can do so most efficiently with Kane leading the line.

Pro for Harry Kane

Let’s be real, Harry Kane loves to play football. While maybe not as visible as Pierre Hujbjerg being held back from reentering the field after getting his leg gashed but Kane want to play. As we have seen with Carlos Vinicius this season, while he should play more, Kane wants to be on the pitch and it is hard to argue with him given his overall production.

Speaking of production there is nothing wrong with the occasional game to pad the stats a little. Clearly Kane likes to score, and, likely, Tottenham are going to have ample opportunities to score, it is just a matter of hope many Kane would get, given the opportunity.

Bottom Line, if Tottenham want to keep Harry Kane happy and ensure the win Kane is on the pitch. The treat for Marine to play against Kane is all a bonus. The most important thing is winning the match to advance in the cup and playing Kane is the most sure-fire way to make sure that happens.

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