Tottenham Start the Year with a Chance in the Premier League

Oct 13, 2019; London, United Kingdom; the Gold Cockerel of Tottenham Hotspur. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 13, 2019; London, United Kingdom; the Gold Cockerel of Tottenham Hotspur. Mandatory Credit: Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports /

After a disappointing start and tough December, Tottenham Hotspur have done enough to have a chance at Premier League glory in 2021 as the New Year begins.

With approximately 60% of the current Premier League season left in front of them in 2021, Tottenham Hotspur are positioned to have a chance. Although sustained that success has been elusive, at times Spurs have been as good as anyone in the league this season. As Tottenham kickoff the new year hosting Leeds United, fans should be excited as it is a year that ends in a “1” and Spurs have a chance.

A Punchers Chance in Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur fans got to enjoy a couple unfamiliar weeks in first place in the Premier League during November 2020. However, a rough December has left Spurs behind but within shouting distance of the top of the table. It would be good for fans to remember that both Manchester Clubs always held a game in hand over Spurs when Tottenham was atop the table, so maybe that placement was always tentative.

That said, Tottenham do have a chance to make some noise in the Premier League. Despite the rough stretch, Tottenham still have a four-game winning streak during the season, matched only by Villa and Everton (twice) this season. Further, Spurs had a 10-match unbeaten run, which has only been bested by Liverpool this season, who have not lost in 12 straight.

For all that has been made of Manchester United’s current run of nine unbeaten, they still must top Aston Villa to match Tottenham’s run from earlier this year. The point is, teams go on runs, Everton has, Villa has, Spurs have, Southampton have, and United and Liverpool are currently on runs of their own.

If Tottenham can put another run or two together, they have a chance as it seems no one is going to run away with the title like the last couple of seasons. As a reminder after 15 matches last season, Tottenham were 23 points behind eventual Champion Liverpool, who on 42 were 8 in front of second place Leicester City. With nine teams – including several with games in hand – within 7 points at the top of the table, the season is as wide open as any Premier League season in some time.

Of course, to take advantage of the opportunity, Tottenham cannot fall any further behind and that starts with priority number one, Leeds United. If we learned anything about Spurs during the start to this season it is that if Tottenham play at their top level, they can beat anyone in the league. However, they must play at that level, as their biggest enemy is themselves.

The good news is, despite a rough turn to end 2020, Spurs have found that level enough to potentially make 2021 special, for that fans should smile and look forward to what is to come.

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