Tottenham Hotspur in Premier League at the Break

Tottenham (Photo by CARL RECINE/AFP via Getty Images)
Tottenham (Photo by CARL RECINE/AFP via Getty Images) /

Tottenham Hotspur this Premier League season have been the tale of two teams, one home and one away, it is just the good one is not the one you expect.

Tottenham Hotspur have not been good at home this season, winning once, drawing twice, and losing once on opening day to Everton. Those five points from home are 12th in the Premier League table – if only looking at home records. However, if you flip the table and look at the Away table, Tottenham are tied for tops with Leicester City on 12 points. Combined Spurs sit second in the league table, one point off Leicester City for first.

Tottenham at Home in League

The last season for Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane was magical, as Tottenham made the top four in League, finished above Arsenal, and not lose at home the entire season. However, since a long and winding road from Wembley led to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the fortress environment has yet to really develop.

Sure, with some 17,000 people at one end, the large single tier end will rattle the most seasoned professionals and that environment is not possible right now with Covid restrictions in place. However, even before the lockdown – regardless of coach – Tottenham have been dropping a lot more points than they should at home.

We can get over opening day and losing to Everton. While the super-hot start to their season has gone much cooler, they are a top half side. However, the points dropped to Newcastle and West Ham are a different story. Regardless of the impact of officials or not with Newcastle, Spurs should have never been in the position be tied at the end on a debatable call.

Likewise, Tottenham had a three goal lead they let slip away in the final 20 minutes at home to West Brom. Thankfully, Spurs have managed to right the ship some having finally won at home on the 4th attempt, those dropped four points to Newcastle and West Ham could come back to bight Spurs bad.

Ultimately, Tottenham are really struggling to score at home. While six goals against in four games is not great, only scoring six in four games is terrible. Spurs must find ways to score. After finding a way to pull out the win with Brighton, Tottenham hope to build on that success and create some real home form with Manchester City coming to town Saturday evening.

Spurs Rally on the Road

Whereas Tottenham Hotspur are still figuring things out at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, they certainly seem to have a plan when it comes to away games. Tottenham are unbeaten in four away matches this season. While they have not been away to Chelsea, Arsenal, and City; they have been away to Manchester United, and easy trap games with Burnley and West Brom, plus a surprisingly strong Southampton team.

You can only beat the teams you play and that is exactly what Spurs have done. Things started off excellent, as Tottenham ravaged Southampton 2-5, catching their defense high and beating them over the top several times. That win was followed up with a strong showing Old Trafford where an Anthony Martial red card sent United into a spiral they could not recover from, despite starting the game with a gifted penalty kick.

Since those two romps, Tottenham have fallen back to earth, but have managed to still win, which is all that matters. Getting shutouts and taking six points from road games at Burnley and Brom were big. While both teams have struggled this season, Burnley will get it together and West Brom will surprise a few before the year is over. Thankfully, it was not Tottenham.

Tottenham have been scoring and defending both on the road, with 13 goals for and only 3 against in the four matches. This will be trend Spurs will hope continues with big road matches coming up with Chelsea, Arsenal, Palace, and Wolves.

Moving forward – home or away – Tottenham need to continue to concentrate on defense and look for opportunities on offense and one game at a time, they can stay in the League race. Ultimately, it will be the teams the drop the least points that stay in the race the longest and give themselves a chance at glory down the final stretch. This is something Tottenham have managed to date, it is about maintaining and building on that success to achieve big things.