Mourinho Sheds Light on Tottenham Hotspur Star’s Availability

ENFIELD, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 06: Jose Mourinho, Head Coach of Tottenham Hotspur and assistant Joao Sacramento. (Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images)
ENFIELD, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 06: Jose Mourinho, Head Coach of Tottenham Hotspur and assistant Joao Sacramento. (Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images) /

Jose Mourinho was relaxed and talkative in the Tottenham press-conference before West Brom talking on Europe, Sergio Reguilón, and Bale’s Arsenal coach.

Jose Mourinho completed part of his requirements as Tottenham Hotspur manager with a short press conference leading up to the match with West Bromwich Albion on Sunday. Mourinho answered some questions we have proposed of late here at HotspurHQ, as he riffed on Bale’s participation with Wales, the FA continuing to not protect clubs participating in Europe, and the availability of Sergio Reguilón. So, what did we learn from Jose?

Sergio Reguilón IS Available

There is good news on the Sergio Reguilón news front. When we projected our starting XI for West Brom, we left the Spaniard out of our group, as he had been out ill. However, based on the update provided by Mourinho, Reguilón should be in contention Sunday. Given the minutes Ben Davies has logged of late between center-half and left back; odds are Reguilón is back in the starting line-up.

Reguilón has been particularly good offensively for Tottenham already this year. The young left back has three assists already on the season, third in the team behind Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son. While Reguilón has been adequate defensively, that adequacy is only going to grow as he continues to play under Mourinho. With national team duties coming Ben Davies needs the break before likely playing three games for Wales: speaking of Wales…

Jose on Bale in Wales Squad

Mourinho was asked about a topic we brought up several days ago regarding the protection of Gareth Bale’s health with the national team as he rounds into match fitness. When a player is with the club, the club can have nearly total control of every aspect of a player’s recovery, from what they eat to how they get treatment. At the national team level that is vastly different.

In response to the question, Mourinho highlighted the “need to be safe” with Gareth Bale as he has a history of issues. Mourinho stressed the need to ‘manage’ Bale, from his post-match recovery to minutes, and everything in between; to avoid fatigue at all costs. Mourinho did confirm that Giggs called him prior to the last national team period to speak about Ben Davies, but that would not be happening here.

In an odd twist some of the coaches leading Wales in Giggs’ absence are actually coaching for Arsenal. Mourinho bemoaned the idea of a national team coach also coaching for a club, and with coach’s club being Arsenal, it makes him “not very comfortable’. That comfort is particularly heightened given the investment both fiscally and in time to bring Bale up to ‘better and better’ form. Hopefully, the coaching situation will not be an issue for any of the boys as Bale, Davies, and Joe Rodon are all in the Wales side.

Tottenham, Others Get No Breaks

Jose Mourinho was asked about having the earliest possible game after having played on the road in Europe on Thursday evening. Instead of complaining himself, he points to Manchester United and how they were in the same boat and complaining. United, like Tottenham and other “clubs in European competition” are not protected by the FA.

Mourinho conceded he and his players are paid and paid handsomely and much of that money comes because of the big TV revenue; however, it would be nice if the FA and broadcasters would “be more careful” with the English clubs participating in Europe.

This was probably as nicely as Mourinho could call the schedulers dumb as he could. He acknowledged City versus Liverpool is the big game of the weekend, but some consideration and care would be nice. This is an area where I imagine ALL the big coaches in England agree, more needs to be done to protect the teams and players who represent the league in Europe.