Inside the Numbers Behind 200 Tottenham Goals for Harry Kane

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Tottenham Take Points When Kane Scores

There is one overriding statistic that is probably the most important of all that goes with the 200 goals Harry Kane has scored for Tottenham. According to Transfermarket Tottenham earn points at a rate of 2.38 per appearance when Harry Kane scores a goal. Clearly Tottenham is not unbeatable when Kane scores, but they sure are close.

Harry Kane has scored in 141 different matches, scoring more than 1 one goal some 48 times includes one 4 goal game and 11 different hat-tricks. In those 141 games, Tottenham have won 104 of them – which is 74%. Essentially, any time Harry Kane plays and scores for Tottenham they have a 3 out of 4 chance of winning the match.

Add in 23 draws, and if Harry Kane scores there is now a 90% chance Tottenham are not losing. Yes, Spurs do lose when Kane scores, having lost 14 times or in 10% of the matches where Kane scores. But given the volume of matches Kane scores in, I will take that 90% all day long.

According to PlanetFootball, as of January of this year Spurs win ~57% of all games Harry Kane plays in. When he scores that takes that win percentage up 20%, a big part of Tottenham’s success since Kane hit the first team. Now as Kane takes his game to the next level with his tremendous scoring and assist rate this season, that win percentage will only continue to rise.

Other Statistics and Numbers Related to 200

  • Harry Kane has had 54 game winning goals in his 200
  • Harry Kane has 11 hat-tricks with his most recent in early October in Europa League.
  • Harry Kane Scored 4 goals in May 2017 against Leicester City – a club Kane once went on loan to.
  • In 300 appearances, Kane has played 23,505 minutes for Spurs, and has averaged a goal every 117 minutes. If you include the 40 assists, Kane has averaged a goal or assist every 98 minutes across his entire Tottenham career.
  • Harry Kane has scored the most goals in his career against Leicester City at 16, and West Ham United is second with 11.
  • Harry Kane has double digits in career goals against 4 teams, Leicester, West Ham, Southampton, and Arsenal.

We could probably go on and on, such is the staggering statistics behind 200 goals, an amazing achievement to accomplish and an amazing journey to observe. Here is to the 200 and however many more there are to follow, thanks Harry!