Tottenham Half-by-Half Player Ratings from Ludogorets

RAZGRAD, BULGARIA - NOVEMBER 05: Giovani Lo Celso of Tottenham Hotspur i (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)
RAZGRAD, BULGARIA - NOVEMBER 05: Giovani Lo Celso of Tottenham Hotspur i (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images) /
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Tottenham's Argentine midfielder Giovani Lo Celso
Tottenham’s Argentine midfielder Giovani Lo Celso. (Photo by NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV / AFP) (Photo by NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP via Getty Images) /

Spurs Ratings in the Second Half

The second half brought more of the same in terms of an open football match the led to some opportunities at both ends. In this half, Ludogorets created and capitalized on some of the opportunities made and for a moment were back in the match.

That moment for Ludogorets only lasted about 12 minutes as Giovani Lo Celso finished the scoring at 3-1, just over the hour mark. From there Tottenham held on by managing the game. So how did the players do in half two?

Carlos Vinicius – 6

Carlos Vinicius showed some good things in the second half. He was able to attack with pace on the dribble and quickly looks to move forward when he gets the ball. However, he was a bit off on his overall timing diminishing his effectiveness in hold-up play and limiting his opportunities on goal. Things will come for Vinicius, who appears to be dripping with talent, he just needs to settle. Should have scored on 52 minutes when Lo Celso found him open in the box.

Giovani Lo Celso – 8

Lo Celso was even more active in the second half than he was in the first. Maybe he knew his time was going to be limited in the half, but Lo Celso’s movement was superb, and vision was great, as he should have had an assist from Vinicius. The Argentine got his goal just before coming off the pitch finishing an easy shot on essentially an open goal.

Tanguy Ndombele– 6.5

Tanguy Ndombele came on later in the second half to replace Giovani Lo Celso. Tanguy did okay finding the ball and knocking it around a bit. His passing was not as crisp as we are used to seeing completing only 13 of 18 passes and being dispossessed once. Did come on with some flair as he was doing step overs and dribbling, the Frenchman is clearly enjoying his football, which is important for Spurs.

Gareth Bale – 6

Bale seemed to be in early in the second half, but a sliding tackle prevented his momentary opportunity. Was just less active and less of a target in the second half as Vinicius attacked passes and the play went more to the left than right. Was replaced by Bergwijn.

Steve Bergwijn – 7

Steven Bergwijn does not currently look the confident player that burst onto the scene scoring against Manchester City last season. However, it is only a matter of time and maybe a bit of luck before that happens. Bergwijn only played 25 minutes yet was able to manage 3 shots in that time. Was active and is looking to break out, just needs the ball to break for him.

Lucas Moura – 7

Lucas Moura neither scored nor assisted in the second half but was probably a better footballer overall in his 15 minutes of the second half. A constant outlet up the left flank, while not terribly effective, Moura was clearly attracting the defense’s attention and was continually active for Spurs.

Heung-Min Son – 7

Heung-Min Son had been on the field for maybe 20 seconds and was immediately contributing to the team. Seeing Hojbjerg making the steal, Son sprinted up to put himself in position to get to the ball just in front of Vinicius and then he played square to Lo Celso for his tap in. Son was not super crisp from there but did what he needed to ensure Spurs won.

Harry Winks – 7.5

Winks played as the deepest of the Tottenham midfielders in the second half, doing a good job in front of the defense. Unlucky on the deflection that led to the goal, and had a misplaced pass or two, but overall was a solid partner connecting the backline to Hojbjerg and the attack in the second half.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg – 7

Was exceedingly active from the moment he stepped on the pitch in the second half. Was cutting passes and making tackles for 45 minutes. Won every duel, on the floor or in the air he had. It was Højbjerg’s defense that created the third goal, as his interception got the play moving.

Ben Davies – 6.5

Dove in and missed the tackled just moments before the deflected shot that made the goal. Okay going forward, but the clean sheet needs to be priority number 1.

Eric Dier – 7

Dier was not bad in the second half but was partially at fault on the goal. It was a bang, bang play so hard for Dier to have reacted. But it would have been better to see more reaction than turning and raising his arm. It was his own lateness in pulling up that kept Keseru onside in the first place.

Toby Alderweireld – 7

More active in the second half with more touches and passes, but not a ton to do. Solid all night.

Matt Doherty – 6.5

Matt Doherty had a less active second half than he did first. Some of it was what seemed a greater emphasis on the left of the attack and some of it was Bale playing a bit deeper. Either way Doherty just had less influence on the game in the second half, but as active as he is overall, that is okay. Did pick up a yellow.

Joe Hart – 7

Compared to the first half, Joe Hart was overexerted in the second half, but there were only 4 attempts on goal. Of course, one was converted as the goal, and just as Dier maybe could have responded quicker, so too could Hart have come off his line and made a play. But in the end the goal is likely not to cost Spurs too much. Made the other three saves without an issue.

Jose Mourinho – 7

Made good use of his substitutes as he worked to get most of his rotation some minutes on the pitch. A little disappointed to not see more of the young guys, but hopefully their time will come at the end of the Group Stage. Clearly has a plan for building the team toward something more, a solid tactical approach.

Those are our thoughts, what did you think?