Average Player Ratings After Average Tottenham Performance

Tottenham Hotspurs Welsh midfielder Gareth Bale hugs Tottenham Hotspur's French goalkeeper Hugo (Photo by JOHN WALTON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspurs Welsh midfielder Gareth Bale hugs Tottenham Hotspur's French goalkeeper Hugo (Photo by JOHN WALTON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

Tottenham Hotspur had an average to below average performance in their win over Brighton in the Premier League, so logically, the ratings are average too.

The most important thing was the three points and the fact that the second time Tottenham had a Sunday lead to take over second place, they held on and won the game. Despite neither producing a Mourinho masterclass or a stellar offensive performance Tottenham Hotspur beat Brighton Hove Albion on Sunday afternoon in north London and moved into second place in the Premier League.

In looking back at the performance, while no one had a stellar game, some moments of greatness were enough to bring Spurs through. So how did the players all rate?

Tottenham’s Top Performers

Gareth Bale – 8

Maybe it is not fair to give Bale the top line here, but he did the least wrong in his time on the pitch and converted the big goal for the game winner. Bale looked a step quicker than he has in previous outings and seemed like he was ready to run. Mourinho has been near perfect with his build-up of Bale to match fitness and we should be seeing more of the Welshman moving forward.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg – 8

Pierre Hojbjerg has a game a notch below his own standards but was still incredibly good. He was active all over the field providing a passing outlet for the defense and distributing the ball well. His 89% passing on 56 attempts led the team in both categories. Add in the three tackles and it was an all-around good performance. However, we cannot overlook Hojbjerg being disposed – foul or not it was not called – for the play that led to the tying goal. Something you do not see often, but due to the foul being overlooked the play cannot be.

Above Average Displays

Toby Alderweireld – 7.5

Toby Alderweireld had a couple big clearances and was solid overall defensively. However, it was his big diagonal cross to Sergio Reguilón that led to the game winner that will be the play everyone remembers. Overall, his passing was a bit below his normal rate, completing only 79%, thus the rating below 8.

Moussa Sissoko – 7.5

In some respects, this was a quiet game from Sissoko who had fewer touches and passes than Harry Kane, but it is the nature of his touches that make all the difference. Sissoko was key early in the match helping establish Tottenham possession as they trapped Brighton and got the lead. Then as the game wore on, Moussa’s defense and calm on the ball helped to run out the clock. When was the last time you saw a Spur not named Kane dribble to the corner to run out the clock? Next time someone asks, remember Moussa Sissoko.

Harry Kane – 7.5

Harry Kane had an up and down game, but ultimately, Kane delivered when it mattered most and that is what is most important. Kane used his awareness and footballing smarts to create the foul that led to the penalty he converted. Kane found the ball, went, and got under it, then braced himself for the contact to come. We have seen that 100s of times, on punts, but this time it led to a penalty and a big moment. Kane was highly active and had a lot of touches at 49 but struggled with his passing and was not afforded much room anywhere on the pitch to operate.

Bang Average Days

Hugo Lloris – 7

Hugo Lloris had one big moment when Danny Welbeck plowed into him as he tried to come out and cut a cross. The aggressiveness and vocalism found midweek were a bit muted on the day, but in all honesty Lloris did not have a ton to do. Beaten well for the goal, Lloris saved the only other shot on target.

Eric Dier – 7

Eric Dier was back in the line-up at center-half after not making the trip to Belgium midweek. Dier had a quiet day overall, which is really a good thing for a center-half. More accurate with his distribution than Alderweireld but did not have the big game changing pass Alderweireld did either.

Erik Lamela – 7

A very typical Erik Lamela performance the Argentine had a couple fouls and then a couple big plays that almost produced goals. Unlucky to not get an assist less than 5 minutes in, his vision passing in the box was refreshing. His shot just before being substituted which hit the post had the keeper beaten and reminded one of the goals Lamela scored on Manchester City a year ago. Not on the ball as much as he needed to be to be more influential in proceedings.

Below Average Spurs

Matt Doherty – 6

Doherty was excellent two weeks ago in Europe but has struggled his last two times out. Today Doherty was a bit too quick to attack, leaving himself out of position at times. Still highly active with tackles and worked defensively but has had better days. Fortunate to not be called for yet another penalty kick holding Trossard in the box.

Sergio Reguilón – 6.5

Like Doherty on the other side, Sergio Reguilón has had better days in the office. Yes, he got a shot away early and yes, he did have the assist for the game winner, but those plays are what kept this rating from being on the floor. It was clear the Spaniard was frustrated by the pace and pressure coming from Tariq Lamptey. This resulted in a couple late challenges and ultimately a yellow card. Needs to continue to work on defensive positioning, but the offensive contribution helped cover for a lot else.

Tanguy Ndombele – 6

The first below average performance from Tanguy this season. Just did not seem to have his normal touch about him on the day, missing some short touch passes that normally he connects on. Put in poor positions a couple times due to bad passes then committed a professional foul far too early to stop a break, costing him a yellow card. Just never really got moving.

Heung-Min Son – 5.5

Son Heung-Min has been knocking in lot of goals, which has helped cover the fact that his form has just not been that good. Son has struggled – not just today – with his first touch at times this season, which puts him off and sometimes that is all it takes. Son seems reluctant to take on the opposition right now and looked plain silly one time going up for an aerial duel. Son needs to get back to being a contributor whether he is scoring or not, which was not the case today.

Giovani Lo Celso – 6.5

The fact that the game changed after Lo Celso’s introduction had more to do with the overall team response to the Brighton goal than anything specific Lo Celso did. Clearly still a step off the pace as he recovers from injury, Lo Celso did have a couple nice combinations, but missed nearly as many passed 5 as he completed 7. Better days ahead for Lo Celso for sure, just needs to get healthy.

Extra Ratings

Coach Rating – Jose Mourinho – 7

Jose Mourinho had a clear plan early, with the quick passing to draw in the defense then produce a big switch to attack in space. This was working for about 20 minutes, but then Brighton adjusted. For a while Tottenham seemed content with the adjustment, but ultimately Jose took a bit too long to come up with plan B. But the good news is that Mourinho did come up with plan B and it worked, which often was not the case under the previous regime.

Ben Davies – N/A

Ben Davies came on late in the match for Heung-Min Son to help provide additional defensive cover to maintain the lead. Davies did not do much, completing his only attempted pass and having a couple touches as Tottenham held on to the win.