Few Decisions for Mourinho in Tottenham Hotspur Projected XI

Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by ADAM DAVY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by ADAM DAVY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Tottenham Midfielders

At this point selecting the best starting midfield three seems like a no brainer. While some may try to argue for Lo Celso joining in the mix instead of Moussa Sissoko, Lo Celso is a #10 and Sissoko is a holding midfielder. Lo Celso played in the holding role with Winks midweek and it was not exactly great for Spurs. Given the need to get width and the way the holding midfielders support both the attack and the fullbacks in Mourinho’s system, only Sissoko and Højbjerg are really options right now.

Moussa Sissoko (CM) – Sissoko never got off the bench midweek in Europe and maybe that was for the best. The Frenchman gets plenty of minutes under Mourinho, clearly having earned the trust of his manager. Sissoko is not always pretty, but he is usually effective, particularly in the more defensive of the two holding roles, allowing Højbjerg more room to roam forward and contribute in attack. Sissoko still is also danger for oppositions driving counter-attacks off the dribble, Brighton should beware.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (CM) – Pierre Højbjerg did come on at half-time as part of the four-player change Jose Mourinho imparted on his squad. However, like the others who came on, the momentum was too great and Højbjerg was unable to help bring Spurs back level. Given the role of the midfielders and the fact that it is clear only he and Sissoko are physically capable – at current – of fulfilling all the duties of the role, this is a no brainer. Not to mention the fact that Højbjerg has maybe been our best player – bar Harry Kane – on the season.

Tanguy Ndombele (CAM) – Ndombele once again sat out midweek, with Mourinho indicating that he had been a bit fatigued and possibly had a knock from the end of Burnley. Ndombele’s importance to the team has been showing up more and more of late, maybe more with him off the pitch than on it. While his minutes have been increasing, he has yet to play a full 90 minutes in League but has completed 90 twice on the season – once in Europe and once in the Carabao Cup. While he is unlikely to play a full 90 from the #10 hole, he may be better suited for a holding position than the other back-up midfielders on the pitch, forcing an in-game move if Mourinho wants 90 minutes from the Frenchman.