3 Bright Spots from Belgium, Positives from Tottenham Loss

ANTWERPEN, BELGIUM - OCTOBER 29: Tottenham. (Photo by Vincent Van Doornick/Isosport/MB Media/Getty Images)
ANTWERPEN, BELGIUM - OCTOBER 29: Tottenham. (Photo by Vincent Van Doornick/Isosport/MB Media/Getty Images) /
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Vinicius of Tottenham Hotspur
ANTWERPEN, BELGIUM – OCTOBER 29: Vinicius of Tottenham Hotspur (Photo by Angelo Blankespoor/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

Vinicius Holding Power

Let me start by saying Carlos Vinicius did not have a good game overall, as there were just too many poor attempts to get him the ball where he was not ready, and possession was lost. When that is happening there is likely some fault both in the passer and the receiver, so Vinicius was not awesome.

That said, Carlos Vinicius did continue to show Tottenham coaches and fans alike the skills that have some thinking the team could end up with two strikers on the pitch before the season is over. Harry Kane is the man and only injury is going to change that no matter how good Vinicius is. However, the ability to hold the ball and most importantly distribute it effectively is clearly a strength for Vinicius.

The combinations in and around the box were just a fraction off here or a step off there all night. Part of the reason for that is how some of the defense were looking to play the ball into Vinicius and benefit from his passing and bypassing the midfield. Eight of the ten players on the pitch with Carlos played a pass to him. Only Ben Davies and Sergio Reguilón failed to target Vinicius on the night and Hugo Lloris targeted him six times on long balls or goal kicks.

It is these targets from Lloris that were most interesting. At least three times during the match I saw Vinicius take a goal kick or punt out of the air on his chest and pass it directly to a teammate with his chest. This is no small feat and demonstrates just what a target he is. The first time it worked great, second time the ball got to its target although a bit off and the third time, well Dele ran past, expecting a flick.

On that third attempt after Dele missed the chest pass, Vinicius controlled the ball near the midfield circle, turned and then attacked the goal. He ultimately lost control of the ball near the penalty box with at least five Antwerp players in screen shot and none from Tottenham. When he finally had some support Dele and Bergwijn were too late and the ball was lost. Regardless, Vinicius is showing he brings some things no one else does and that will help as everyone gets more familiar with his unique, Brazilian born style of play.