Tottenham End Transfer Window by Signing Defender Rodon

CARDIFF, WALES - OCTOBER 7: Joe Rodon, Tottenham, with Wales. (Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images)
CARDIFF, WALES - OCTOBER 7: Joe Rodon, Tottenham, with Wales. (Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images) /
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Rodon, Davies, Tottenham, Wales
CARDIFF, WALES – OCTOBER 5: Joe Rodon and Ben Davies of Wales, Tottenham. (Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images) /

Questions About Tottenham Defender

While some think the signing of Joe Rodon was a real coup for Levy and company the results will come over time. According to transfer market, it is quite likely Spurs actually overpaid for the defender, who was only valued at some 7.7 million US dollars as of 10/17/20 – a day after Spurs paid more than over 13.31 million US dollars for him.

Sure, the total figure was less than Swansea was asking for, but was still way higher than has the player listed and is more than 10 million higher than his value just 8 months ago in February. So was the price good, we just do not know yet and likely will not for a while.

Besides paying maybe a fraction more than we should have – which happens late in a second window – Rodon is not the most experienced player and does have some injury concerns. Across two seasons with the Swansea senior side Rodon has played 52 games in the Championship. For those unfamiliar that is essentially one season, as with 24 teams, clubs play 46 games in a Championship season.

In 2018-19, Rodon’s breakthrough season with the Swans, he suffered a metatarsal fracture which kept him out of action for almost 3 full months – January to April – and he never played a full 90 again in the season, despite returning with 8 games left in the season. Ultimately, he missed 13 games across all competitions due to injury.

Fit again to start the 19-20 season, Rodon was back in the squad full-time. After going 90 minutes in 13 straight matches to start the season, Rodon was again injured and missed 15 straight games with an ankle injury from October to January. After recovering Rodon was able to get back into the squad going for 90 minutes in four straight games before the Covid-induced stop in the season. Rodon did NOT play following the restart.

This is not to say Rodon cannot stay healthy, but given the injury history, it is something to consider. Finally, the fact that Rodon is yet another right-sided center-half is a bit disappointing. Tottenham have a LOT of players that can play well on the right side of the center half pair. Alternatively, they have a lot of players than can play on the right or in the middle of a back three.

However, what Spurs are lacking and continue to be so following the signing of Rodon is a naturally left-sided center half. Toby Alderweireld is clearly the best of the Spurs defenders in the left-sided center-half position, however, he is also the best on the right too, leaving Spurs in a bit of a quandary.

It is way too soon to say Spurs are short in the back and having the extra cover will certainly help, as there are now five senior center-halves – Alderweireld, Dier, Rodon, Sanchez, and Tanganga – which is enough cover to compete across multiple competitions. So, let us wait and see how Rodon does and if he can provide some of the balance the back was lacking last season.