Tottenham: Can Jose Mourinho Continue to Dominate David Moyes?

Tottenham Hotspur's Portuguese head coach Jose Mourinho (Photo by MATT DUNHAM/AFP via Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur's Portuguese head coach Jose Mourinho (Photo by MATT DUNHAM/AFP via Getty Images) /
Tottenham, Jose Mourinho
Tottenham Hotspur’s Portuguese head coach Jose Mourinho (Photo by MATT DUNHAM/AFP via Getty Images) /

Tottenham Hotspur hope manager Jose Mourinho continues his outstanding record against both David Moyes and West Ham United, as Spurs host Hammers in the Premier League.

In terms of heads up records, Jose Mourinho has the upper hand on a lot of coaches and teams, but he has been particularly dominant against West Ham and David Moyes, Tottenham Hotspur hope that continues. Across 32 matches versus either West Ham or David Moyes, Mourinho has only lost twice with a further eight draws.

This means nearly 70% of the time against the Hammers or Moyes, Mourinho picks up all three points with 22 wins in those 32 matches. This is of course combined, but the individual statistics are staggering. Historically speaking regardless what XI Mourinho chooses for West Ham, his teams come out on top.

Mourinho Versus Moyes

Regardless of who either manager was in charge of, Everton, Manchester United – who both men were gaffer for – Chelsea, Tottenham, or West Ham, Jose Mourinho has never lost in 14 matches with David Moyes as his opposition. Hopefully, I am not the announcer jinxing the great free throw shooter just before she walks up to the line, but Mourinho has just dominated Moyes.

While Moyes’ teams have managed five draws in those 14 contests versus Mourinho, they have only scored 8 goals, while Jose’s teams have scored 26. That is return equates to more than 1.85 goals per match for Mourinho’s charges and just over half a goal at .57 for Moyes. At 2.29 points per match compared to Moyes .36, it is just domination. A domination that continues versus West Ham in general.

Mourinho Versus West Ham

Jose Mourinho – again regardless of club managed – has faced West Ham on 18 occasions winning 13 of them. While Mourinho has lost twice and drawn three times against Hammers in his career, his 72% career winning percentage is even higher than his 64% winning percentage is versus Moyes. In other words, when Mourinho faces Hammers he tends to win.

At an average of 2.33 points per match in his career – again higher than the total versus Moyes – Mourinho has pretty much owned West Ham. This continues in terms of the score difference too. Whereas Mourinho has averaged 1.29 more goals per match in his games against Moyes, his teams have averaged 1.39 more goals per match against West Ham with a astounding 37 goals for and only 12 against, in 18 matches.

Whether we look at Mourinho versus Moyes, or Mourinho versus West Ham, Jose Mourinho comes out on top. However, there is the wildcard factor – and I am not speaking of Gareth Bale – in the form of David Moyes and his performance against Tottenham Hotspur historically.

Moyes Versus Tottenham

David Moyes has coached for a long time and has faced Tottenham Hotspur 29 times, the fifth most of any team he has coached against. In those 29 matches he has managed 7 wins against 9 draws, and 13 defeats. While the 24%-win rate is not great, he only loses to Spurs 55% of the time, so about half. His 1.03 points per match is much higher than his success against Mourinho, or the club’s success against the Portuguese planner.

Even more importantly for West Ham United is that Moyes’ teams have historically scored at nearly twice the rate against Spurs as they have facing Jose Mourinho. While against Mourinho, Moyes’ teams score only .57 goals per contest, in the 29 matches against Tottenham, his teams have scored 32 goals for a 1.10 goals per game average.

Given his overall record against Spurs, Moyes’ teams come to play against Tottenham. Moreover, the game itself is a London derby, which means all bets are off as anything can happen. The game is also the first in another busy stretch of games for Tottenham over the next two weeks and may see the return of Gareth Bale. Regardless of anything else Spurs hope the match is a continuation of a common historical theme; Jose Mourinho hammering West Ham and David Moyes.