Tottenham: Spurs Smash 10-man Manchester United in Premier League

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Tottenham (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images) /
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Martial, United See Red

It started as many plays start, with some pushing between players, Erik Lamela extended his arm into Martial’s chest and the Frenchman took exception. While it would be a major stretch to call it a punch or a slap, Martial clearly reached his arm back out in retaliation and struck Lamela in the face. In slow motion, you could see the thought process go through the Argentine’s head as Lamela realized what happened, grabbed his chin, and went to the ground.

Anthony Taylor again wasted no time and immediately blew his whistle ran over and displayed the red card for Martial. Had it not been retaliation maybe it would have just been a yellow, but a hand to the face, in retaliation and Anthony Taylor, was left with no choice, it was a Red Card. Interestingly the ‘foul’ did not result in a free-kick, but resulting drop to 10-men meant the end for United.

In reality, United was going to have to play well to win regardless of the red card, but now down a goal and down to 10-men, United were never going to win and the good news for Tottenham fans is the squad made sure, as Spurs soon scored again and buried Manchester United.