Tottenham: Signing Gareth Bale would make Spurs contenders

Gareth Bale (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)
Gareth Bale (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images) /

Bringing back Gareth Bale would be a dream move for Tottenham Hotspur.

When Gareth Bale left Tottenham in 2013 to sign with Real Madrid, Spurs were a team trying to establish themselves as regulars in the Champions League.

Bale went onto win just about everything possible with Madrid, including the Champions League four times.

Tottenham, meanwhile, became a force in the Premier League under Mauricio Pochettino, twice falling just short of the title, before reaching the Champions League final last season.

This past season has been a major disappointment, leading to a rebuild under new head coach Jose Mourinho. But we started to see some positives late in the season with Spurs becoming much stronger at the back, dangerous on the counter-attack, and getting results.

Bale, despite all of his success with Madrid, can’t get regular playing time. Bale only played 16 games for Madrid in La Liga this season, with just 12 starts. For a player as talented as he is, that’s not good enough. Bale even recently spoke about being whistled by his own fans for not playing well. That wouldn’t happen if he returned to Spurs.

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Bale falling out of favor has once again opened the question about whether he’ll leave this summer. And that alone makes Spurs fans wonder whether he could return to North London, where he scored 43 goals and helped the club reach the Champions League quarter-finals.

Speaking on talkSPORT radio earlier this week, former Tottenham midfielder Danny Murphy said that a move that would make sense for Bale is to return to Spurs, where could he return to the club where he’s loved and “help Tottenham get back to being competitive.”

While it’s highly unlikely to happen, Murphy makes a great point. It could work out well for both Bale and Spurs if a deal could be made.

For Tottenham to sign Bale, he’d need to be willing to take a significant pay cut. There’s no doubt about that. But he’d return a club hero, and he could be the missing piece to help Spurs become contenders in the Premier League once again.

Bale is still a great player. Whether he lined up out wide or central in Mourinho’s system, he’d be a difference-maker for Spurs. And unlike in 2013, he’d be part of a stronger overall team. Tottenham might not have Luka Modric anymore, but they do have Harry Kane, Dele Alli, and Son Heung-min. Bale could create so many chances for Kane, who is one of the most efficient finishers in the world.

Tottenham bringing back Bale might be a fairytale, but if a move is possible, Daniel Levy should do all he can to get it done. Bale could be the missing piece in this Spurs attack, helping Tottenham climb back up the league table and push for trophies.

For Bale, it’d be the opportunity to return to Spurs as a club legend and aim to win a trophy he’s yet to capture: the Premier League title.