Tottenham: Big decisions as loans loom for Troy Parrott and Oliver Skipp

Both Oliver Skipp and Troy Parrott may be out of Tottenham

According to reports, Troy Parrott may soon be on a loan move to Millwall and Oliver Skipp is going to be loaned to a yet to be determined team. The real question for Tottenham Hotspur is really when, but IF the pair should be loaned out or are better served developing under Jose Mourinho. A case can probably be made for both and maybe the answer is not the same for both players and may depend on other circumstances.

Playing-Time a Big Reason to Go on Loan

The case for sending any player, let alone a couple of teenage phenoms out on loan is relatively simple, by going to play for another club the young player can do just that play. Let us face it neither Skipp – who just signed a contract extension – nor Parrott exactly played a lot of football in the last season.

Troy Parrott made all of 4 appearances for Spurs this past season for a total of 97 minutes of action. That is basically the equivalent of one match, across an entire season. Yes, Parrott also played twice in the Premier League 2, scoring 3 goals, and featured in the summer pre-season, but that simply is not enough football to develop.

Oliver Skipp on the hand made 11 appearances and had three starts, a season after making 12 appearances and having 4 starts. All-told in two seasons with the senior team, Skipp has amassed 713 first-team minutes – almost the equivalent of 8 full games. Eight matches for an 18-year-old over two seasons is simply not enough football to progress.

For both Skipp and Parrott, when it comes to the most important factor in development – gaining experience – they should both go out on loan. To see if a loan can work, fans of course need to look no further than one of our own in Harry Kane.

While I do not think to go on 4 different loans over three seasons is the best approach for anyone, clearly, Kane got whatever it was that he needed out on loan and it has paid off handsomely for Spurs. With proof positive in Kane right in hand, maybe a loan and an opportunity to play even if at the Championship level for Parrott – might just be what is needed.

As I was writing this Millwall actually confirmed the loan, so let’s hope that is indeed what Parrott needs.

Cover Over Development – Why to Stay

Now that Millwall has confirmed Parrott out on loan for the season from Spurs, it is almost a foregone conclusion Skipp will go out on loan, as Parrott was the more likely of the two to stay.

Let us face it, if there is one position that Tottenham Hotspur can find and purchase a player at, it is midfield. Alternatively, if there is one position that Tottenham Hotspur cannot find and purchase a player at it is a striker. The reality is, there are a lot more shirts between Oliver Skipp and the significant playing time he needs than there are in front of Troy Parrott.

If you look at Spurs roster, the reality is, there is not one other out-and-out striker on the first team besides Harry Kane. While Spurs signed Roberto Soldado – back with the Bale money – and then tried Vincent Janssen, but only over the hill, Fernando Llorente has provided any real cover. Now, Spurs have not cashed in on a ticket sale in months, have debt for the stadium, and I am to believe they are going to sign a striker. That does not seem too likely. The reality is, Troy Parrott could be in line for some real playing time AT Spurs next season, but then again Kane got hurt this year and he never even sniffed the bench.

With Skipp the picture is even tougher, as the midfield is packed and there are of course rumors of even more midfielders – See Pierre Hojbjerg – coming into the team. Even if Spurs continue to play with the double pivot, there is Harry Winks, Moussa Sissoko, and potentially Hojbjerg in front of Skipp. Further up the pitch with Dele, Giovanni Lo Celso, and Erik Lamela just to name a few who play in the middle, it does not look any more promising for playing time in the midfield.

In truth, Skipp might be the best holding/defensive midfielder at the club, but he has never gotten the opportunity to prove that, which is where a loan makes so much sense. If Skipp can go to another Premier League team and lock down a role in the middle of the park playing his box-to-box best, that might be the best possible scenario for Spurs. Allowing other players to develop, fall in line or leave – Ndombele I am looking at you – and developing Skipp as both a leader and first-team player.

Ultimately, what is decided is probably going to come down to dollars and cents, this is Tottenham Hotspur, ENIC, and Daniel Levy we are talking about. If that is the case and we can find someone else that will give us money, pay the wages, and develop our players, I just do not see Levy turning it down, and now clearly with Parrott, he has not.

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What is nice about a loan is it can be cut short, if need be, so giving the two – Parrott and Skipp – both the opportunity to develop are probably what is in the best interest for both the players and the club. What do you think, is Spurs loan of Parrott a good thing? Should Skipp be loaned as well? What do you think is best for Spurs and their teenage phenoms?