Tottenham News: Breaking down the latest injury update on Juan Foyth

Tottenham Hotspur, Juan Foyth (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur, Juan Foyth (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images) /

Tottenham took a blow with the loss of Juan Foyth to injury, or did they?

In the world of professional football, misinformation and disinformation are part of the way life, particularly when it impacts a player who might be angling for a new situation. As a fan of Tottenham Hotspur, one must wonder if that is the case with Juan Foyth right now.

Like other players, Juan Foyth seemed like a player with some new life under Jose Mourinho. Foyth got that chance against Norwich in late December, made a major error in the first half, was replaced by Jan Vertonghen, and never seen again. Foyth was only even in the squad for the 3rd and 4th round of the FA Cup, otherwise, Juan did not even make the squad.

Given the tenuous hold Foyth has on one of the places in the Argentine national team, one should not be surprised that, this break has led to rumors and quotes of his discontent. The most recent of which is the rumor of his loan to Pochettino mentor Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds. This move seemingly would lead to some much needed playing time and an opportunity to refine his skills before a summer on the market or impressing Mourinho.

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Then some outlet TNT Sports, reported Foyth has been injured. Since that release, a few other outlets have picked up the story, but all site the TNT Sports report.

Fort hose interested, this TNT Sports is NOT the Turner Network Sports that broadcast Champions League here in the US, rather it is a Spanish language football site.

I honestly do not know if TNT Sports is legit or not, I do not read enough Spanish to know, but I can say that they are still the only outlet sourcing the story. Further, nothing official about an injury has come out from the club.

So, is Juan Foyth injured? We do not know and might not until after the Manchester United game ends and Spurs start trying for West Ham. But what we do know, is that Foyth needs playing time and when a player needs playing time, agents make things happen. One can argue Foyth hasn’t gotten a fair shake at Spurs, but what one can’t argue is whether injured or on a train to Leeds something is going on with Juan Foyth.