What Mourinho living at Tottenham’s training facility tells us

Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images) /

Jose Mourinho is temporarily residing at Tottenham’s training HQ in Enfield with goalkeeping coach Nuno Santos and tactical analyst Ricardo Formosinho.

It’s not the first time Mourinho has lived apart from his wife and two children, who live in the six-bedroom family home in Belgravia. He spent the duration of his tenure with Manchester United dwelling in a the Lowry Hotel.

So what does Mourinho’s living situation tell us about the enigmatic manager?

First and foremost, it seems living incessantly at home is too much of a good thing for the Portuguese. Used to gallivanting off on a moment’s notice, Mourinho is probably unaccustomed to staying constantly at home with the wife and kids. Sounds familiar.

Mourinho is nothing if not wholly dedicated to the cause. He works tirelessly to help improve the project he’s working on. And if that means moving to a training facility with other backroom members of his staff, so be it.

It will give him and the others more time to devote to improving the club. He can immerse himself in the environment, working on tactics, formations, new online training regimes and other various techniques. He can also cement which players he wants in the transfer window, funds permitting of course.

Living at the training ground in Enfield will allow Mourinho to easily collaborate, in person, with Formosinho, who is responsible for heading Spurs’ tactical analysis. He doesn’t have to move around and can focus on a stable, consistent environment Enfield provides. It also means less Zoom calls, as he can chat directly, in person, with his close cohort.

Enfield’s training ground is also fit for a life of luxury. It has 40 en-suite rooms, a high-quality gym, a yoga studio and a hydrotherapy spa, as well as a living area for meetings. Not a terrible place to be holed up if you ask me.

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Then again, maybe he just needs more time away from home, as perpetual self-isolation with the family is enough to drive some around the bend.