Three things I don’t miss about watching Tottenham Hotspur

This suspension, for those who watched Tottenham Hotspur more than the hours they spent at work, is hitting particularly hard. 

But no matter how much we love Spurs, there are a few distressing aspects I certainly don’t miss. Sequentially in severity of annoyance, I give you the three things I miss least about watching Tottenham.

3. Inexcusable errors

Whether a cardinal error committed by Eric Dier in the middle of the pitch or an erratic blunder by Davinson Sánchez, inexcusable errors grind my gears the third most. Hugo Lloris giving away possession or Serge Aurier taking a needless yellow card are also high on my bugbear list. Unforced errors correlated directly to a number of dropped points for Spurs this season. If Spurs are to improve next campaign, cutting out unforced errors will be extremely important.

2. Symphony of injuries

Injuries were another headlining act of Tottenham’s season. I found it increasingly difficult to see a player hit the deck, not knowing if, or how long, he would be out for.

More players suffered injuries than those who didn’t. I won’t list all of those hit by some sort of ailment, but suffice to say the injury bug hamstrung severely any chance Tottenham had of picking up silverware.

And we’re not speaking of innocuous, minor injuries to nominal players. Top players including Harry Kane, Moussa Sissoko, Hugo Lloris, Son Heung-min, Erik Lamela and Giovani Lo Celso were all sidelined for significant periods. Talk about a catastrophic scenario.

1. The infamous VAR

Like an annoying, unwanted mosquito that keeps coming buzzing irritatingly close, VAR is the thing I miss the least. Extracting the emotion from a match like a mosquito withdrawing your blood, VAR has the likability of a rancid fart.

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Even if VAR is on decisively on your side, you know it’s only a matter of time before it turns on you, ruthlessly and indiscriminately. Every party has it’s pooper, and we all know in football who takes that unenviable role.

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