Three things about Tottenham’s Jose Mourinho I didn’t think I’d miss

Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images) /

Whether you’re an advocate or adversary of Tottenham’s Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese manager has some trademark idiosyncracies I’ve come to miss since the season was unceremoniously halted.

I disagree with far more of his decisions than I agree with. But he is, despite his numerous faults, an affable leader, one of the most charismatic sport personalities around when the mood suits.

Since the season came to an abrasive standstill, I’ve come to miss some of the theatre that follows Mourinho. I don’t miss most of the media circus that accompanies the Portuguese gaffer everywhere he goes, but I yearn to see again soon these three earmarked Mourinho characteristics.

3. Mourinho’s sideline gesticulation

You’ve gotta love the passion Mourinho brings to the sidelines. If he’s in the right mood, which can change quicker than a teenage girl’s, Mourinho brings unfettered, spirited life to the touch-line. Waving, orchestrating, pointing and conducting every other gesticulation under the sun, the gaffer either makes a nuisance of himself to the officials or is the squad’s primary cheerleader. His goal celebrations are both epic and timeless, and he’s even known to thank, rightfully, our ball boy given a just scenario.

2. Mourinho’s witty, comedic press conference responses

His press conferences are nothing if not entertaining. Mourinho has a catalogue of witty, calculated and hilarious ripostes. The Portuguese is renowned for ad-lib responses that are as luciferous as they are captivating. The man has, like any great orator, a way with words. He’s wonderfully adept at fronting the media, offering agile, informative responses. And, unless he’s in one of his particularly grim moods, Mourinho has a knack for making the audience laugh and relax while eating out of the palm of his hands, something most managers can only dream of.

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1.  Mourinho’s honesty

Whether you like it or not, Mourinho usually answers with honesty and candour. His method of delivery and tone sometimes misses the mark, but you can always expect the truth when he speaks. Or at the very least his version of the truth. While he has the tendency to come across in a churlish, impulsive manner, Mourinho rarely minces his words, and even more seldom tells porkie pies.