Three Tottenham players I’d want to be quarantined with

As the prolonged forced break to the season continues with no end in sight, I started thinking about which Tottenham players I’d want to be quarantined with. 

This list is obviously incredibly subjective, as individuals will have their own preferences, their own list of things they want to get out of being holed up with some of north London’s best. Some will desire engaging, quick-witted banter while others might want a partner who is well-versed in the art of FIFA 2020. Some will want to be locked up with players who are like-minded, while others are more interested in seeing how a science experiment with a polar opposite would unfold.

Here’s the three players I’d be most comfortable during an extended lockdown:

3. Toby Alderweireld

Whichever way you look at it, Toby Alderweireld is a cool cat. He’s confident, calm, composed and doesn’t take flack from anyone. Headstrong and always alert, the Belgian would offer superb defence against any would-be looters. He is also respectful, considerate and would lead by example, a perfect roommate during these uncertain times. And I have a feeling the headstrong Belgian knows a thing or two about downing a beer.

2. Harry Winks

Harry, your prototypical middle class Englishman, is all class. He has manners but, I’m sure, is just as familiar with a bit of skullduggery. He clearly knows the best way to steep a cup of tea and would have endless tongue and cheek, tit for tat banter with which to entertain.

He’s always thinking of the best sporty ways to pass the time and is a model human being. I have a feeling he’s an unheralded comedic genius, too.

1. Eric Dier

With Eric, family comes first, something so crucial during uncertain times like these. He’d fight bare handed a pack of lions if it meant saving someone in his close cohort. The man is loyal to a fault and would always sacrifice his wellbeing for the sake of a friend or family member’s. I also believe wholeheartedly he can be a bit of a scoundrel, someone who is familiar with sculling a few pints. All in good nature of course.

Which three Lilywhites would you want to be quarantined with, and for what reasons?

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