Tottenham report: Only a matter of time before Euro 2020 is postponed

The world is coping with an unprecedented pandemic that will almost assuredly result in the postponement of this summer’s European Championships. 

The NBA yesterday, by suspending all games until further notice, announced drastic steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With the Serie A already suspended, closely followed by the Manchester City vs. Arsenal match being postponed, it’s only a matter of time before UEFA is forced into the same decision.

Their hands are now tied. It would be outrageously irresponsible for the UEFA to even consider proceeding with a business as usual mentality. Europe, particularly Italy and Denmark, have been hit worst by the spread of the virus, which, unless urgent action is taken, is expected to increasingly spread throughout Europe.

Most Tottenham players are mainstays in their respective international sides, many of whom are scheduled to compete at Euro 2020. The competition is scheduled to commence on June 12, with the final pencilled in for July 12. A containment nightmare, with matches scheduled to take place all over Europe, including Italy and England, is in the offing for both UEFA and the World Health Organization.

Millions of supporters travelling across borders, many of whom will interact with each other, to support their respective nations at this critical juncture is as feasible as believing the earth is round.

There is a chance, if the situation markedly improves on the continent, the competition will go on as planned.

Though taking into account the recent extraordinary decisions by governing bodies and governments across the world, the tournament certainly won’t go on as planned.

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Tottenham players like Harry Kane, Harry Winks, Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen, Hugo Lloris, to name a few, if there are any silver lining during this disconcerting period, will get an extended break over the summer holiday, which they all badly need.

Though that silver lining seems rather trivial considering current global circumstances.

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