Exploring possibly severe consequences if Tottenham don’t make UCL

With Tottenham fading from the top four race, it’s now more pertinent to explore the potentially severe consequences if the club don’t qualify for next season’s Champions League. 

Daniel Levy has already said not qualifying will effect the amount of money Jose has to spend in the transfer market during the summer. While Levy says a club’s prosperity is more about the quality of decisions than financial allocation, Mourinho will probably beg to differ.

The Portuguese manager is renowned for splashing out in transfer periods. During his time at a bevy of other clubs, Jose is comparatively one of the world’s most frivolous managers. He loves spending generously his parent club’s funds to try and find the right mix of big name players in an attempt to add to his trophy cabinet.

But rest assured, funds at the club won’t be so readily available if, which looks likely, Spurs don’t earn a spot in the next season’s most prestigious club competition. We don’t know the exactly how much the purse strings will be tightened, but the thought alone of Levy reigning in the budget will distress even the most optimistic Spurs supporters.

Best players want Champions League football

Aside from the financial pitfalls of not qualifying for the Champions League comes another gargantuan elephant. The world’s best players don’t want to play in the Europa League. Nor will they be satisfied with playing exclusively in domestic competitions. They want to play on Tuesday and Wednesday night, in the Champions League.

Jose’s ability to lure top players to Hotspur Way will be severely hampered if Tottenham fail to qualify. They’ll be automatically be pigeonholed into the second tier of the transfer market, unable to secure the signatures of élite players.

Pastures anew will appeal more to Tottenham’s best

And now for the worst, most foreboding, possibility of all. Tottenham’s top talent will be more amenable to moves away from north London. The likes of Harry Kane, Dele Alli and company will be more susceptible to being poached by the world’s top clubs. It’s human nature, something that no player, regardless of how steely strong their will power or level of loyalty to the club, is immune from.

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While nobody wants to think about the possibility of losing our top players to the transfer market, it’s a reality Spurs might have to face if the unthinkable happens. And that possibility is becoming more realistic with each passing week.


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