Tottenham midfielder deserving of criticism in loss to Wolves

Tanguy Ndombele was severely chastised by throngs of Tottenham supporters on Twitter for an indifferent, lacklustre cameo effort against Wolves on Sunday.

Have a look at the clip below and decide for yourself whether the £55 million man deserves the lambasting he’s receiving on social media platforms.

Now that you’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ve reached the same conclusion that most do after bearing witness to the atrocity. Ndombele relieved Japhet Tanganga in the 76th minute, and was meant to provide Spurs with an energy burst in midfield.

Unfortunately Ndombele didn’t get the memo, instead deciding to lollygag and saunter about. While the clip above offers only a brief snapshot, it’s still damning footage of the Frenchman’s apathy.

To embody such palpable disinterest at a time when Spurs need all hands on deck is as unacceptable as it infuriating. Supporters are looking for glimmers of hope, any moment of inspiration to get behind during the club’s difficult period.

Jose Mourinho’s reaction gave off the aura of sarcasm. Sure, he reacted with laughter, referring to Pedro Neto‘s breakneck pace. But this type of indifference must boil Mourinho’s blood behind the scenes and away from the public eye.

If Mourinho could demand only one thing, it would be that his players work tirelessly for the cause. To see one of his midfielders display such apathy was hopefully just a one-off event and not a microcosm of the current happenings inside the dressing room.

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Because that level of disinterest wouldn’t be accepted on a Sunday league football pitch let alone in front of over 60,000 loyal supporters by a player who cost a fortune in the world’s most competitive professional division.

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