Tottenham supporters deeply frustrated with current ongoings

While the reasons differ widely, most Tottenham Hotspur supporters are deeply frustrated with the current ongoings at the club.

Some are frustrated with Jose Mourinho’s dour, negative philosophy, his predisposition to risk averse football that focusses entirely on containment.

Some sects of supporters, however, blame Daniel Levy for the club’s malaise, pointing the finger at the chairman for losing his way, for missing opportunities to sign excellent players for a fair price while buying others for swollen amounts that fail to provide a worthwhile return on investment.

Some think he’s a shrewd, astute businessman solely responsible for Spurs historic rise to prominence. Take their new state of the art stadium for example, dubbed by many as the world’s best. That was Levy’s baby, the chairman responsible for the project from seed to full bloom.

Others, however, see him as a money man, purely interested in Tottenham for it’s financial benefits. They believe he doesn’t truly care about the club, its supporters or its players.

While others, who are seemingly in the minority, hold Jose’s predecessor, Mauricio Pochettino, culpable. They believe Pochettino is at fault for leading Spurs astray, pointing to the fact that he was dormant, sometimes completely absent during transfer windows. Though most hold Levy to account, saying he didn’t provide Pochettino with the support he needed, both financially and otherwise, to bring Spurs to the next level.

And some blame injuries, which in actuality is a microcosm of a much bigger problem at the club. Either way you cut it, Spurs supporters are angry, frustrated, hurt and disillusioned. But at least we have it better than the Hammers. While that’s a minor consolation for most, it is an effective way to cope, to compartmentalize.

Tottenham supporters have every right to show their disappointment. Climbing to eminent heights by way of a Champions League Final and coming oh so close, in 2016-17, to winning the Premier League, Tottenham faithful can’t come to terms with bearing witness to their club’s downward trajectory.

While Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane’s absence play a major role in the club’s current struggles, we must face the fact that we’re not a team who can compete for the title even with our two talisman in the lineup. Far from it.

And if I’m honest, a transfer period or two with Jose isn’t going to change that. I hope I’m wrong, but Jose’s philosophy doesn’t seem to mesh with the exciting, effective, inspiring brand of football Spurs became renowned for under Pochettino’s regime.

The pill this season is tougher to swallow solely due to the fact that we’ve seen how high Spurs can climb. We’ve seen how close the Lilywhites have come to glory, and we cannot bear to see them fall from grace, even if only temporarily.

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Spurs supporters have been through a lot, and for all the great years recently, we’re still without a trophy in more than a decade. More than anything, supporters can’t anymore endure Spurs’ seemingly perpetual affliction of one step forward, two steps back.

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