Should Tottenham keep any of three defenders on chopping block?

As Jose Mourinho considers revamping his defence in the summer, should he keep any of the following three who are undoubtedly on the chopping block at Tottenham?

You probably already know who the trifecta on death row are: Danny Rose, Jan Vertonghen, and Juan Foyth.

Cheerio Danny Rose

The former, who was loaned out recently to Newcastle, has no chance whatsoever of returning to Spurs. He signed his own death warrant at the club through his propensity to gossip to the media like a teenage girl and his consistently poor play. He is also a divisive force in the locker room and doesn’t see eye to eye with Mourinho. Rose has a better chance of being invited to Mourinho’s Portugal home for bifanas (national Portuguese sandwich) and cerveza than he does returning to Tottenham’s first team. Like Ed Stark, he now belongs to the north.

Sayonara Jan Vertonghen

As much as Spurs supporters love and adore Jan Vertonghen, the sun is quickly setting on his career in north London. The lauded centre back, whose contract expires at the end of the season, has fallen dramatically off the pace.

Though possible, it’s unlikely Tottenham will extend the elder statesman’s contract. Even if Jan’s contract gets extended by a year, he won’t feature often in Tottenham’s first team. The 32-year-old has given everything to Tottenham and still has the ability to impact greatly a lesser team for another few seasons. But he’ll always be welcome with open arms back to Hotspur Way.

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Adios Juan Foyth

Juan Foyth’s future isn’t so cut and dry. Young, quick and full of talent, Foyth has the potential to prove his credence at Tottenham. Unfortunately he has failed to impress in each of the opportunities provided by Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese gaffer is quickly losing patience with Foyth, whose tendency to dwell on the ball is probably one of the reasons Mourinho lost all of his hair. Foyth is also physically slight, unable to knock opposition strikers off the ball. His lack of strength is a massive cause for concern, and Mourinho is unlikely to provide many more chances for the young Argentine. Foyth, if I had to wager, will be shown the door in the summer.

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