Tottenham’s global appeal and support ever-increasing

Tottenham’s global appeal and support steadily increase each year, a clear sign of the club’s strengthening prosperity. 

The official Tottenham website yesterday announced that the club has surpassed 250 worldwide “Official Supporters’ Clubs”. 

That includes, thanks to Lucas Moura’s growing influence, 14 in Brazil in the last week. Part and parcel with the increasing number of official supporters clubs is the growing following and brand appeal. In each corner of the globe Tottenham are more prominent than they were five years ago, largely thanks to the overall prosperity and financial health of the club.

A certain Mauricio Pochettino can also take his fair share of the plaudits in increasing Spurs’ popularity across the globe. It’s an exciting time to be a Spurs supporter, as the network expands to the farthest reaches of the planet.

Nike’s involvement has also buoyed Tottenham’s global popularity. Nike signed an extension with Spurs which will see the Swoosh sponsor the club until 2032-33. 

Hotspur Stadium has also helped increase awareness and attention. But overall it’s the on-field product new supporters have found most appealing. Pochettino’s managerial style and footballing philosophy helped pole vault Spurs to prominence. While it’s too simple to credit solely the Argentine gaffer, it was Pochettino who brought an entertaining, sustainable brand of football to Hotspur Way.

Players like Son Heung-Min, Serge Aurier, Moura, Erik Lamela, Giovani Lo Celso have also contributed to the club’s global appeal.

For those of us who have supported Spurs since we were learning to crawl, we understand acutely the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies supporting the club. For newbie supporters, you’ll get used to the highs and lows. And most of you newbies already have, as you bore witness to Spurs’ glorious Champions League run last season which was followed by an agonizing loss to Liverpool in the final.

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The world is finally starting to see Spurs as a bonafide world football powerhouse. And so they should. Now we just need to win a trophy so the floodgates can burst open on a new winning era. For that we look to the Self-appointed Special One.

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