Expect Tottenham’s Dele Alli to receive at least one-match ban

The FA are officially investigating Dele Alli’s controversial Coronvavirus video, where he’s seen sending a deriding video about the deadly disease to friends vis Snapchat. 

Whether we like to admit it or not, his actions are unbecoming of a professional footballer. Spurs supporters adore the 23-year-old, but in this instance he is in the wrong and deserves a one-match ban for contravening rule E3 of the FA conduct code.

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva committed a similar racially charged transgression last season by sending a tweet comparing his teammate Benjamin Mendy to the caricature of a black boy found on the packaging of a Spanish confectionary brand.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events for Dele, who, regardless of his somewhat impressionable age,  should by now know better. Along with a predicted one-match ban, Dele will probably be fined about £50 000 for acts unbecoming of players under the watchful eye of the FA.

The prospective ban probably won’t come into effect until next season, as these processes are thorough and time-consuming.

Dele has put himself in this situation and will hopefully learn a serious lesson about the nature of his conduct. He’s only young and almost assuredly didn’t intend on coming across as racist or bigot. But jokes of this nature, in the ultra-sensitive world we live in, simply won’t be tolerated, especially by individuals constantly in the public eye.

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One game will suffice, though, as Dele certainly won’t repeat this mistake again.

Do you think he deserves a suspension?

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