Tottenham now being linked to Juventus midfielder

Various outlets are linking Juventus’ Emre Can with Tottenham, rumours that lack substance and probably won’t develop any further. 

The former Liverpool man is dropping down the pecking order at Juventus faster than when a penny is thrown off a 20-story building. Can didn’t exactly thrive with Liverpool either. He is expected to cost the would-be suitor between £25 and £30 million, an exorbitant fee considering what Can brings to the pitch.

Making only two starts so far this season with the Old Lady, it is clear that Can doesn’t have a future while Maurizio Sarri is at the helm. Jose Mourinho is said to be a massive advocate of Can’s. And that’s where most of these rumours stem from. The Daily Star, among numerous other Tottenham outlets, are discussing the chances of Can joining Tottenham.

The Daily Star’s reporting is as believable as hearing about a Sasquatch roaming Canada’s Boreal Forest. In fact you’d half expect the Daily Star to publish a breaking story about exactly that. So as far as this rumour goes, I don’t give it too much credence. Can isn’t worth that type of cash. He wasn’t worth it at Liverpool and he has proven he’s not worth it during his time at Juventus either.

Let’s put these rumours to bed before they have time and exposure to germinate. Mourinho obviously knows acutely what he’s looking for to bolster and reinforce Spurs’ squad. I’m hoping, though, his plans do not include Can’s presence.

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I’m not too concerned though, as it’s unlikely Spurs will provide the German with his second kick of the Premier League can.

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