Liverpool 2 – Tottenham 1: Why and how it happened

Tottenham lost an important match to Liverpool at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.  In doing so it illuminated many things all of which must be thought of calmly.

Perhaps it was positivity or more likely hopeful ignorance but Tottenham were beaten by a team that was better on Saturday and that’s all there is to it.

Almost a year to the day in which Liverpool lost 4-1 to Tottenham and it looked like the Lillywhites were the team that were next in line to ascend the throne of English football behind Manchester City Liverpool showed an entirely different side.  Their side possessed the added talent of nearly 200 million pounds worth of investment.  Whereas Tottenham’s though possessing the superior individual talents doesn’t even compare to the depth of talent on show by Liverpool.

Tottenham made a valiant effort and the game was closer than it should have been.  But the truth of the scenario is that it would be nearly impossible for any club to pull through the amount of ridiculousness going on at Tottenham at the moment.

Unlike Chelsea who’s drama is always on show or Manchester United or even Arsenal in many ways Tottenham do a wonderful job making things seem placid.  The club has a long-term manager, stable ownership and a strong and young squad.  Those are all good things that any club should be proud of.  But a lack of unified direction in the transfer market? A faulty stadium with health and safety issues that nobody truly knows when it will open? Playing every single match as an away game? If not at Wembley then Stadium MK and then further? Players running down their contracts in multiples at a time?

Things are not good and maybe it was the romance that made people think the club could pull through with ease.  But the truth is somebody needs to answer for all this to the supporters.  They all deserve better than this.  Liverpool were better, they are run better and their future looks better.

Tottenham looked tired and sickly.  Liverpool were fresh and hungry.  Liverpool deserved to win and that was clear.

To the higher-ups at Tottenham, the supporters and history of the club deserve better.  That’s all.

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