Five reasons why Tottenham can win the Champions League

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The footballing world is giving Tottenham as much chance of winning the Champions League as  seeing a sumo wrestler compete in ice dance at the Olympics.

But I beg to differ.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side, after taking seven of nine points from Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal in a 10-day span, are accelerating into warp speed at a propitious moment. Having a clean bill of health for the first time all season, Spurs, with the power, technique and bravado of Michael Phelps, are swimming enthusiastically in uncharted waters.

Tottenham are, unequivocally, blessed with one of the most talented, well-rounded starting lineups in the world. They’re ascendency, both domestically and in Europe, has been dramatically  hampered by a litany of injuries and a supporting cast who’ve failed to adequately offer starters the requisite respite in a long, gruelling campaign.

With Erik Lamela and Victor Wanyama showing signs of returning to their pre-injury prodigiousness, and Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose and Harry Winks declared fully fit, Spurs have advanced their nuclear arms at an accelerated rate that North Korea dare only dream of.

Profusely confident and fighting fit, Tottenham are perfectly poised to challenge for European supremacy and defy throngs of naysayers. While by no means exhaustive, here’s five reasons Tottenham can win the Champions League.