Did Tottenham’s Vincent Janssen commit an act of treachery?

HARRISON, NJ - JULY 25: Georges-Kevin Nkoudou
HARRISON, NJ - JULY 25: Georges-Kevin Nkoudou /

Vincent Janssen was photographed looking at a Chelsea shirt less than a week before Tottenham hosts their bitter London rivals at Wembley on Sunday.

Is the incident being totally overblown or does the public now have a right to question where the Dutchman’s loyalties lie?

Let’s first clarify one thing. This is nothing like Kevin N’Koudou actually wearing Chelsea blue a few months ago. That was a deplorable, unforgivable treasonist act. By wearing the Chelsea shirt, N’Koudou disrespected his club and everyone – including the supporters – associated with it.


Contrastingly, Janssen is merely holding the replica Blues shirt, looking at it and discussing with his mate something we can only assume is about the west London club. However, nobody has a clue what is being said. And that unknown quantity is of paramount importance.

It’s not like Janssen sneaks off to the changing room to try the shirt on. And he certainly doesn’t disrespect Tottenham or their fans by merely touching the shirt. Unless of course, like the creepy doll in Annabelle, that particular shirt is a conduit for demonic and malignant Blues’ forces.

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And again, we don’t have the foggiest what was conveyed. Maybe Janssen and his mate were discussing how ugly a shade of blue it is. Or maybe they were discussing Carabao’s putrid monstrosity of a logo.

Then again, there is a chance they’re chatting about how Janssen’s desire to play for Chelsea one day. There’s more chance the shirt in question is a conduit for evil spirits, though.

It’s all purely rhetoric no matter what conclusions we draw. And rhetoric can be extremely dangerous. There is no need to artificially blow this out of proportion, nor should the media make a mountain out of a molehill.

Maybe Janssen is shopping for a distant cousin who, for some unknown reason, supports the Blues.

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That would be curse in its own right so let’s not condemn the young Dutchman for conducting nefarious activities when only he and his mate are sure of the true nature of this shopping outing.

He should, especially after the bamboozling N’Koudou blunder, know better than to do anything that could be perceived as treachery. Particularly when it comes to Chelsea.

But Janssen, in what could be the most important season of his career, has enough to deal with in trying to turn his time at Tottenham around so let’s suffocate this fire before it spreads.