Harry Kane Continues to Cement Himself as One of Tottenham’s Best

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 26: Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates as he scores his teams third goal and completes his hattrick during the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Stoke City at White Hart Lane on February 26, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 26: Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates as he scores his teams third goal and completes his hattrick during the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Stoke City at White Hart Lane on February 26, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images) /

Harry Kane’s hat-trick against Stoke on Sunday saw the Tottenham striker record another milestone.

For the third consecutive season, Harry Kane has scored 20-plus goals in all competitions putting him alongside a handful of greats to play for Tottenham during their illustrious careers.

Based on these statistics from Spurs’ official website, Kane is the ninth Spurs player to reach 20-plus goals in all competitions for at least two straight seasons.

Cliff Jones only accomplished 20-plus goals in two consecutive seasons, while Bobby Smith, Jimmy Greaves and Martin Chivers did it four years in a row.

Also, Greaves is the only Spurs player to repeat this feat twice.

Spurs players to score 20-plus goals in all competitions:

  • Bert Bliss* – 22 in 1914-15, 33 in 1919-20, 21 in 1920-21
  • George Hunt – 26 in 1931-32, 36 in 1932-33, 35 in 1933-34
  • Johnny Morrison – 28 in 1935-36, 35 in 1936-37, 35 in 1937-38
  • Bobby Smith – 38 in 1957-58, 32 in 1958-59, 30 in 1959-60, 33 in 1960-61
  • Cliff Jones – 24 in 1961-62, 22 in 1962-63
  • Jimmy Greaves – 30 in 1961-62, 42 in 1962-63, 35 in 1963-64, 35 in 1964-65
  • Jimmy Greaves – 31 in 1966-67, 29 in 1967-68, 36 in 1968-69
  • Martin Chivers – 29 in 1970-71, 42 in 1971-72, 33 in 1972-73, 23 in 1973-74
  • Mark Falco – 21 in 1983-84, 29 in 1984-85, 21 in 1985-86
  • Harry Kane** – 31 in 2014-15, 28 in 2015-16, 22 (and counting) in 2016-17

* – There was a break for World War 1 from July 1914 through November 1918
** – Harry Kane is the second homegrown player to score 20-plus goals in consecutive seasons since Mark Falco

What Harry Kane has accomplished in a little over three years as a full-time starter — remember, he didn’t start full-time until November 2014 — is nothing short of spectacular.

Despite being overlooked when he was younger, and on four loan spells to different clubs, Kane took a rare opportunity given to him by Mauricio Pochettino and ran away with it.

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Continuing on with the milestones that Kane keeps racking up, his hat-trick two days ago saw the England international pass the century mark with his 102nd goal in all competitions.

Eighty-six of Kane’s goals have come as a Spurs player, the rest (16) are split between Leyton Orient, Millwall and Leicester. While on loan with Norwich, Harry Kane didn’t score because of a foot injury.

It should be noted that Kane’s first goal wasn’t as a Tottenham player, it was with Leyton back in January 22, 2011. The first loan spell spent away from Spurs.

Kane’s first Spurs goal took place on December 15, 2011.

As for hat-tricks, Harry Kane already has six to his name.

When comparing to the all-time greats who achieved multiple hat-tricks with Spurs, Kane sits in the middle (seventh) of 12 players. Again, statistics provided by Spurs’ official website.

Total hat-tricks recorded as Spurs players:

  • 15 – Jimmy Greaves (1961-70)
  • 12 – Bobby Smith (1955-64)
  • 11 – George Hunt (1930-37)
  • 10 – Johnny Morrison (1932-46)
  • 10 – Cliff Jones (1957-1968)
  • 8 – Ted Harper (1929-1932)
  • 6  – Harry Kane* (2011-
  • 6 – Martin Chivers (1968-1976)
  • 5 – Bert Bliss (1911-23)
  • 5 – Frank Osborne (1923-31)
  • 5 – Jermain Defoe (2004-14)
  • 4 – Gary Lineker (1989-92)

* – Harry Kane is the first Spurs player to record three hat-tricks in a single season since Jermain Defoe during the 2009-10 season

As impressive as scoring 20-plus goals in consecutive seasons sounds, and recording six hat-tricks with one club, perhaps the most impressive accomplishments that Kane could achieve is these last two.

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Scoring at least 100 goals for Tottenham and scoring 20-plus goals in consecutive seasons in the Premier League.

When glossing at the top 20 all-time scorers in Spurs history, Harry Kane has already cracked into this list. And he’s only 23-years-old while also just playing a little over three years with Spurs.

That pretty much says all you need to know about just how good Kane is and will be in future seasons as the main star on this Tottenham team.

Because Jimmy Greaves amassed 379 appearances for the north London club, and the fact that he was what you wanted in a goalscorer, a player who could consistently find the back of the net, it’s no surprise to see him top yet another list in Tottenham’s history with 266 goals scored.

With 154 appearances in all competitions, Kane’s 86 goals for Spurs puts him at 19th, level with Willie Evans and three behind Mark Falco, to soon become Spurs’ 18th all-time leading goalscorer.

Tottenham’s top 20 leading goalscorers in Club history:

  • 266 – Jimmy Greaves
  • 208 – Bobby Smith
  • 174 – Martin Chivers
  • 159 – Cliff Jones
  • 143 – Jermain Defoe
  • 138 – George Hunt
  • 134 – Len Duquemin
  • 133 – Alan Gilzean
  • 124 – Teddy Sheringham
  • 122 – Robbie Keane
  • 117 – Les Bennett
  • 112 – Jimmy Dimmock
  • 110 – Glenn Hoddle
  • 104 – Bert Bliss
  • 101 – Billy Minter
  • 101 – Johnny Morrison
  • 99 – Taffy O’Callaghan
  • 89 – Mark Falco
  • 86 – Harry Kane
  • 86 – Willie Evans

With Harry Kane’s penchant to score at least 20-plus goals in each of the past three seasons — including this year — Kane will easily surpass 100 goals with Spurs sometime next season if he continues to produce at his current pace.

Lastly, we briefly touched on the subject of 20 straight Premier League goals for Kane for the third season in a row.

At 17 league goals and 12 matches left this term, should Kane score three more goals he will be the the first Spurs player since Jimmy Greaves to record three straight 20-plus league goal seasons.

A feat that would only make the legend of Harry Kane grow.

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And anytime a player is climbing up the ranks of Spurs’ all-time great goalscorers, to be mentioned alongside Jimmy Greaves himself on some of these lists, Kane is surely one of the best already with plenty of football left to be played in his young career.